Can you name these Vega$ guest stars?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: February 9, 2023, 1:39PM
Vega$ has a whole lot of guest stars! From tv stars to famous Vegas entertainers, everyone was on Vega$. Can you name all these stars? 
  1. This guy definitely isn't a laughing matter in his episode!
  2. This Pharoah was on a win streak!
  3. Louisa Von Trapp grew up to be a private eye?
  4. She starred in 1989's Batman!
  5. She would go on to make it big in Sex and the City.
  6. So, Miss Brooks liked to go live it up in Vegas?
  7. We'll go with "Jeopardy Hosts" for 300.
  8. In another life, this M.E. was a helmsman.
  9. Bonus question: This Brady was played by who?
  10. Mr. Brady was up to no good in this episode!
Can you name these Vega$ guest stars?

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