Do Not Sell My Information

Under California law, California residents may opt out of the sale of their personal information. (as those terms are defined by applicable California law). Additional information about this right to opt out and privacy information is available in our Privacy Policy.


If we ask you for Personally Identifiable Information, we will tell you if we intend to share it directly with others.  We will provide you with a way to tell us that you don't want us to share the information or if you don't want to receive promotional and/or marketing information about products, services, and offerings from us and/or any third parties.

To opt out, please provide the following in order for us to verify your identity:

You may also call the toll free number at: 1-833-367-6388


We authorize select suppliers of advertisements to place cookies on The purpose of the cookies is to re/target users of our website to display personalized advertisements in their future navigation based on your visit to this website. The following platforms - IAB opt-out platform, Network Advertising Initiative opt-out platform, and Digital Advertising Alliance platform provide options to express opt-out choices for all companies that are registered in the respective platform. Please note that if you disable the display of personalized ads and other advertising partners, you will continue to receive ads that are less relevant to your interests/browsing behavior.

Here is a list of suppliers authorized to place cookies on and information on how to opt-out through their privacy policy.

·       Criteo (

·       Sovrn (

·       Rubicon (

·       App Nexus (

·       Amazon (

·       Google Ads( and 


We reserve the right to cooperate with government and law enforcement agencies engaged in investigations of activities that are, or are believed to be, illegal. Further, we may share your Personally Identifiable Information with such agencies if we believe that a crime or any act that endangers the health and safety of others may have been or may be committed. We may also share your Personally Identifiable Information in response to an appropriate subpoena.