10 high-flying facts about 'Black Sheep Squadron'

Learn how this WWII adventure series has ties to Elvis, Jeannie, Bonanza and "Frampton Comes Alive!'

All three Maverick men appeared together in just one episode of the classic Western

Roger Moore guest starred on the show before he became cousin Beau.

Chuck Norris doesn't see age ''as a reason to slow down''

What's age? It's just a number to Chuck Norris.

How Richard Boone fought ''ennui'' on ''Have Gun — Will Travel''

The actor went to great lengths to battle boredom.

Did you know two actresses played Janet Tyler in this popular Twilight Zone episode?

When the character's face is revealed, we see a young Donna Douglas. However, Maxine Stuart was the one in bandages.

Lynda Carter was behind the craziest stunt on 1970s television

The actress risked her life for the perfect shot.

Adam West reveals Batman's biggest flaws

Time, it seems, was the greatest villain of all.

Celebrate Independence Day Weekend with H&I's ''Rod, White & Blue'' Twilight Zone marathon

Catch your favorite Twilight Zone episodes during the Fourth of July weekend marathon on H&I.

9 classic actors who would have made great Batman '66 baddies

We would have loved to see Andy Griffith duking it out with Adam West.

Audience reaction to George Reeves' appearance in this 1953 war drama film broke his heart

George's friends and co-stars were "heartsick" at the audience's reaction and knew what it meant for their friend.

Steve McQueen didn't believe Wanted: Dead or Alive was ''too violent''

"The King of Cool" had no choice but to cool down the violence in Wanted: Dead or Alive.

Chekov was almost a prisoner of war on The Next Generation

Would you have liked to see him in The Next Generation?

George Peppard considered The A-Team the best role of his career

The critically acclaimed actor was surprisingly not the first choice for the role.

Star Trek: Voyager's Homecoming was initially a lot darker

What do you think of this darker version of Voyager's homecoming?

William Shatner Almost Guest Starred on Star Trek: Enterprise

We were so close to seeing Shatner return to the final frontier!

A Gift for Dad: 5 Items in the H&I Store Your Dad Would Love

Browse the items in the H&I Store to find the perfect gift for your dad.

11 candid shots of Lynda Carter behind-the-scenes of 'Wonder Woman'

See Wonder Woman like you've never seen her before.

10 fascinating facts about Wanted: Dead or Alive star, Steve McQueen

"The King of Cool" was just that. A really cool cowboy who had a love for adventure... and a need for speed.

Behind the Cowl: Adam West's take on Batman's powers and purpose

How the original Batman redefined the Dark Knight.

The creator of Maverick wrote tongue-in-cheek instructions for making the show

"Writers and directors of Maverick are requested to live dangerously."

11 TV show remakes that are more highly regarded than the movie

From 12 O'Clock High to Friday Night Lights, which do think is better — the movie or the show?

Did you notice the same footage of Scotty is reused in these back-to-back Star Trek episodes?

Budget cuts led Star Trek to reuse stock Scotty footage in one of the most expensive third season episodes.

The A-Team theme song directly ripped off this rock song

The same composers were behind everything from The Rockford Files to The Andy Griffith Show.

Lee Majors joins H&I's Day Shift as The Fall Guy, starting May 9

The original Colt Seavers will be on your television screens every Thursday starting at 12P | 11C on H&I.
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