The creator of Maverick wrote tongue-in-cheek instructions for making the show

"Writers and directors of Maverick are requested to live dangerously."

11 TV show remakes that are more highly regarded than the movie

From 12 O'Clock High to Friday Night Lights, which do think is better — the movie or the show?

Did you notice the same footage of Scotty is reused in these back-to-back Star Trek episodes?

Budget cuts led Star Trek to reuse stock Scotty footage in one of the most expensive third season episodes.

The A-Team theme song directly ripped off this rock song

The same composers were behind everything from The Rockford Files to The Andy Griffith Show.

Lee Majors joins H&I's Day Shift as The Fall Guy, starting May 9

The original Colt Seavers will be on your television screens every Thursday starting at 12P | 11C on H&I.

Star Trek's DeForest Kelley said nice guys always finish last

DeForest Kelley was one of those rare nice guys who finished first.

Martin Landau might have been Spock if he hadn't turned it down

"It would've been torturous. I would've probably died playing that role."

The original Romulan Bird of Prey model from Star Trek was trashed

There's a behind-the-scenes reason the Romulans switched to Klingon spaceships.

Adam West was worried that his ''Batman'' costars would think he was conceited

"I want you to please make this moment, this scene, the best of your life because this show will be lasting."

Elinor Donahue told the story behind her unexpected Star Trek wardrobe malfunction

Gene Roddenberry called her at home to cast her in "Metamorphosis."

Before getting her A-Team role, Melinda Culea quit acting

The actor was a part of two pilots that didn't sell, so she stopped auditioning.

These are the top-rated Wonder Woman episodes, according to IMDb

Out of these top-rated episodes, which one is your favorite?

Pity the fool who doesn't know these 8 fun facts about Mr. T

We'd really like to see Mr. T's resume. From dancing, playing football, starring as B.A. Baracus on The A-Team and more! We... MORE

Paramount had to hire security to protect the Starship Enterprise

The studio struggled to keep the movie under wraps.

Star Trek shirts that'll make you feel like you're on the USS Enterprise

We've seen a lot of fashionable Star Trek fans!

R.I.P. Barbara Baldavin, Star Trek actress and casting director

Baldavin played a bride-to-be on Star Trek. She was 85 years old.

TV Wonder Woman Lynda Carter reveals why she left Hollywood in 1984

Carter dishes on going from DC Comics icon to Washington, D.C.

The Star Trek Harry Mudd spin-off that never was

The intergalactic con man almost got his own Star Trek series.

George Reeves' mother allegedly paid a retired boxer to fight her son so he'd give up boxing and focus on acting

Reeves had the opportunity to become a superstar boxer, but his mother had a different career path for her son.

Richard Boone didn't think that ''Have Gun – Will Travel'' was a real Western

Why Boone believed his series had set itself apart.

Producers wouldn't hire George Reeves, so he took his career in another direction

Reeves was typecast, so the star had to find another way to make money.
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