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The scene that persuaded West to don the cowl.

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Steve McQueen was a rebel that ''punched'' his way out

"I never liked to talk my way out of anything. I liked to punch my way out."

This episode of Maverick wasn’t quite as “authentic” as it wanted you to believe

The real “Hoyle’s Games” book never actually mentioned a five-card stud.

Walter Koenig once pranked George Takei over a Star Trek movie

For a brief moment, Chekov convinced Sulu that the next Trek movie was going to be claymation.

Adam West said Batman was ludicrous and absurd, but always somewhat ''believable''

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In the 1980s, Nash Bridges' Don Johnson was a pop star

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Robert Conrad was the only person Robert Conrad wanted to perform his stunts

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A case of not-so-secret identities: The true story of Mrs. Ann Batman

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It took Leonard Nimoy great self-control to play the role of Spock

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How The A-Team sparked the cult phenomenon that was Mr. T

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Robert Conrad had strong feelings about being called a star

The Wild Wild West actor didn't even want a star on the sidewalk out of fear people would spit on it.

John Wayne almost got George Takei fired from Star Trek

Lt. Sulu and The Duke starred together in The Green Berets.

Relic Hunter star Tia Carrere was called ''the female Indiana Jones''

Carrere was also supposed to join the A-Team, but her General Hospital role prevented her from doing so.

Mr. T was so intimidating, The A-Team had to make his character afraid of flying

B.A. Baracus had fans convinced that Mr. T was really afraid to fly. Naturally, Mr. T played along.

Dr. McCoy's daughter was almost in a Star Trek episode — and would have had a romance with Kirk

The episode eventually aired with some significant rewrites, but the doctor's daughter was no longer in the script.

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