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The Restless Gun


"Vint accompanies three cavalry officers to the shack of a stubborn old Confederate, whom the officers suspect of holding a gold shipment stolen twenty years ago during the Civil War. Vint is surprised to find that the old man does have the gold, that his place is fortified with cannons and Gatling guns, and that the only way he'll give back the gold is if the Northern officers surrender---to him." 


Change Of Venue

"Marshal Troop fights a gang that is trying to free a dangerous killer." 


Yellow River

After losing his money in a bank robbery, Bart invests in a get-rich-quick deal with a beautiful but not-so-dumb blonde. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

Prison Trail

Josh and Jason are escorting four prisoners to Levenworth prison when a stranger begins following along behind. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

Pay-off at Pinto

Having been robbed, the Bank of Pinto hires Josh to go to Santa Fe to replenish the funds. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

Odds for Big Red

Big Red, a woman saloonkeeper, is shot . . . and gamblers are betting she won't live till dawn. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

A Proof of Love

Charles Bronson and George Kennedy appear in the story of the fight for a mail-order bride. 


The House of the Hunter

Rowdy is kidnapped and held in a house along with a motley group of equally confused characters in this homage to Agatha Christie's 'And Then There Were None.'  

The High Chaparral

A Good Sound Profit

John Cannon faces the alienation of his family and friends when he aids a band of Mexican revolutionists. 


Gold, Glory and Custer - Prelude: Part 1

Cheyenne discovers gold on Sioux land, which could ignite a war. 

Nash Bridges

Kill Joy

Harvey becomes attracted to a fellow "Deadhead," a mysterious woman who is the target of a murderous stalker. 

Nash Bridges

Change Up

Cassidy is suspended following her involvement in the fatal shooting of a bystander during a bank robbery and becomes the target of department cronies who want to use her to get rid of Nash. 

Nash Bridges

Cat Fight

A robbery at the Filmore during a concert prompts Nash to investigate a soccer coach and his daughter, a stolen motorcycle, and a record producer. 

Nash Bridges

Fair Game

A serial killer who picks up passengers in a cab and then murders them stalks the city. 

Nash Bridges

Genesis (Pilot)

Nash poses as an undercover computer chip buyer to bust a black market criminal ring that recently stole $2 million worth of the chips. 


Off the Wall

MacGyver fights to save a housing project after tenants have been forced out of their homes by corrupt money-hungry landlords. 

Walker, Texas Ranger

Money Train

Alex gets Walker and Trivette assigned to a movie being filmed as technical advisers. While on the set, Walker overhears several stuntmen talking about a train robbery they are planning.  

Walker, Texas Ranger

Mean Streets

The homeless are being beaten by a group of teens who film their attack. Walker poses as a homeless man to see if he can catch them in the act.  

Star Trek

Plato's Stepchildren

Kirk and his crew find themselves at the mercy of powerful individuals who possess mind-over-matter powers and plan to use the Enterprise crew for their twisted entertainment. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Loss

Counselor Troi resigns her post after experiencing a mysterious loss of her empathetic powers. 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Things Past

Sisko, Odo, Dax, and Garak are mysteriously placed into the roles of a group of condemned Bajorans executed seven years ago. 

Star Trek: Voyager


Tuvok’s investigation of a series of mysterious attacks aboard Voyager leads him to a most unlikely suspect: himself. 

Star Trek: Enterprise

The Augments: Part 3

After turning on their creator, the Augments attempt to start a war between Humans and Klingons. 


Lost and Found

Mitch and Caroline rescue a Vietnamese émigré who falls off a fishing pier and gets amnesia. Mitch then investigates and tries to find the Amerasian's father, a former Vietnam veteran-now a weather beaten fisherman, to talk to the amnesia girl. Meanwhile, C.J. meets a developmentally disabled, wheelchair bound man, named Jess, who's a comedian-wannabe who wants wheelchair access to the beach and she gets Cody, now working part-time at a bicycle shop (as a result of a sprained hand), to help Jess out. 


The Last Wave

Kaye Morgan is reunited with her old boyfriend Wes Masters, a champion surfer in town wanting to finish his surfing career for good and settle down with her. But after a accident in which Wes suddenly dies, Kaye is struck with grief, as well as Wes's 10-year-old brother who's part of Kaye's sailing class. Meanwhile, Stephanie undergoes surgery for melanoma, with Tom as her doctor to persuade her to be brave and he ends up proposing marriage to her. Caroline's engagement to Logan takes a turn when Neely begins wooing him in wanting to land as a model for his swim wear designs. 



Don and Charlie work together to find out how inflected bodies of young women landed on an LA beach. 


Murderer's Row: Part 1

Bobby and a reluctant Reno head to San Francisco when Bobby is contacted by an import-export magnate to find alleged industrial spy Rikki Yeager.