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The Restless Gun


"Vint tries to help an old newspaper editor in his crusade against three corrupt officials---the town's mayor, sheriff, and judge, as well as the gunman they've been using as their enforcer." 




"Marshall Troop risks his life to prevent the release of a young killer." 



Day of Reckoning

Fearless Bret feels it's about time someone did something about the town bully. 


Wanted Dead or Alive

The Long Search

Yoshika Nakamura comes west to find a man named Bill Timmons, who promised to marry her when he visited Japan. Yoshika hires Josh to help her locate Timmons, and during his venture learns about Japanese culture. 


Wanted Dead or Alive

Dead Reckoning

A woman wants Josh to bring in her wanted husband alive, so he can prove self-defense, but the brothers of the man he killed are out to hang him. 


Have Gun, Will Travel

Something to Live For

"On his way to help a man and his daughter over a land dispute, Paladin encounters a wealthy, drunk and helpless man whose guide left him behind to die." 


Have Gun, Will Travel

Moore's Revenge

"Shakespearean actors are going to perform in San Diego during their roundup. They are in for a rough reception. A lovesick gunfighter is among the audience. The show's promoter hires Paladin to keep the peace." 



Incident Below the Brazos

Favor's welcome to Paradise Valley is a group of gun toting farmers warning the herd that they better not damage their property. Lightning stampedes the remuda and kills farmer Ken Wade. His wife urges Eli to avenge her husband's death. 


The High Chaparral

The Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo soldiers and the Cannons attempt to clean up crime in Tucson. 



Cross Purpose

Cheyenne searches for a runaway groom who decided to bolt on his wedding day. 


Hawaii Five-O

Shake Hands with the Man on the Moon

McGarrett must deal with an astronaut turned real-estate salesman in order to crack the case of a murdered reporter. 


Hawaii Five-O

Deadly Doubles

When a Russian tennis star wants to defect, McGarrett must work to prevent an international incident. 


Hawaii Five-O

Deep Cover

A secret submarine, the murder of a Navy officer and strange amnesia create a puzzling case for Steve McGarrett. 


Hawaii Five-O

East Wind -- Ill Wind

When an Asian ex-leader dies in a seemingly accidental swimming incident, his wife is convinced that he was murdered by forces from their home country. 


Hawaii Five-O

My Friend, the Enemy

Five-O must deal with the kidnapping of an Arab princess. Steve McGarrett must also deal with an Italian female journalist's constant interruptions. 


Walker, Texas Ranger


Walker and his friends go on a fishing trip to a place where CD has a friend. Drug dealers in the area find their cabin and attempt to kill everyone inside.  


Walker, Texas Ranger

Moscow Connection, The

The Texas Rangers ask the Russians for assistance in capturing a criminal the Russians had previously dealt with. A mild-mannered Russian shows up, pretending to be powerful. When they find the criminal, the Russian gets beaten up.  


Walker, Texas Ranger

Miracle At Middle Creek

A family man hard-pressed for money is forced to help with a bank robbery. The robbery goes awry and the man returns to his family. As they prepare to leave town, the son falls into a sink hole. Walker and the others try to help the boy.  


Star Trek

All Our Yesterdays

Kirk, Spock, and McCoy become trapped in the past of another world. 


Star Trek: The Next Generation

Ship in a Bottle

A calculating Sherlock Holmesian character traps Picard and others in a holodeck simulation. 


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Field of Fire

Ezri summons the suppressed homicidal memories of a previous Dax incarnation in order to solve a series of murders. 


Star Trek: Voyager

Basics: Part 2

While the crew fights for survival on a primitive planet, a lone crewmember battles the Kazon to take back Voyager. 


Star Trek: Enterprise

These are the Voyages...

Commander William Riker of the Enterprise-D is torn between his loyalty to Captain Picard and his duty to a former captain. To shed some light on his predicament, Riker visits a holodeck recreation of the final mission of the NX-01 and signing of the Federation Charter. 




Immortal Walter Graham is trying to kill pre-Immortal Claudia Jardine, a brilliant pianist, so that she will remain young and at her creative peak forever. In flashback to England 1663, Duncan and Graham are traveling players, and Walter regrets his ability to recognize brilliance while lacking genius of his own. Meanwhile, Methos falls in love with Alexa and is devastated when Joe tells him she is terminally ill 



Growin’ Up

Don and the team investigate the mysterious deaths linked to childhood sexual abuse. 



Cause and Effect

After a big wedding, the team turns its attention to tracking down Don's missing gun. 



Sex, Lies and Activewear

Reno and Bobby must rescue several kidnapped models. Lorenzo Lamas directed this episode guest starring his real-life mother and wife. 

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