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The Restless Gun


"The citizens of a town persuade (well, not exactly just persuade) Bonner into the job of collecting money for a new church organ. Sounds too simple and safe compared to what Bonner's done before? Anything but, as he soon learns." 



Mark Of Cain

"Marshal Dan Troop discovers that a vengeful widow is not a believable witness when murder is involved." 



The Thirty Ninth Star

A case of mistaken suitcases unfolds into political warfare, leaving Bart the unhappy target of ruthless killers. 


Wanted Dead or Alive


Josh caught "Doc" Phillips, the partner of Clell Fennon. He now wants to use him as bait to get Fennon—worth $5,000. 


Wanted Dead or Alive

The Partners

Josh gets arrested for horse theft. He soon learns that Jason set him up so that he can go after Billy Joe Henry alone. 


Have Gun, Will Travel

The Campaign of Billy Banjo

An old friend of Paladin's, Billy Banjo, sends for him to help with an election. 


Have Gun, Will Travel


Paladin is hired by Carter to find Colonel Celine. He needs Celine to sign a document. Paladin is not the only one looking for him. 



Mrs. Harmon

Tired of trail cooking, Wish quits the drive and befriends Mrs. Harmon and her three boys. She is married to an abusive drunk, who beats Wish to within an inch of his life. Mrs. Harmon shoots her husband, but Wish takes the blame. Charlie Peg, the hotel c 


The High Chaparral

Auld Lang Syne

Buck reunites with an Army friend and leads his men to Mexico, only to find they're stealing gold along the way. 



The Gamble

Helping a friend keep her saloon from crooked gamblers, Cheyenne runs the establishment while his friend gets to know her daughter, who's been away at school back East for the past 10 years. 


Hawaii Five-O

Steal Now -- Pay Later

A sophisticated thief is selling his goods to legitimate businessmen, and Five-O must find a way of trapping him. 


Hawaii Five-O

We Hang Our Own

When his son is beaten to death, a powerful cattle baron takes matters into his own hands, and McGarrett and Five-O must prevent the rule of law from breaking down. 


Hawaii Five-O

Two-Faced Corpse, The

A gangland execution investigation takes a turn for the peculiar when it is found that the victim had two identities. 


Hawaii Five-O

How to Steal a Masterpiece

Five-O must investigate why three infallible security systems are failing to prevent the theft of priceless artworks. 


Hawaii Five-O

Gun for McGarrett, A

After an attempt is made on Steve McGarrett's life, he is drawn towards a female art dealer, but she too may not be good for his health. 



Cleo Rocks

MacGyver's old nemesis, Murdoc, uses an unsuspecting Penny Parker as bait in a bizarre plan to lure MacGyver into a trap. 


Walker, Texas Ranger

Turning Point

Walker sets out to go after the Chairman. He decides to go after his clients. He decides to start with a man Rosetti knows who is now in Miami. He sends Rosetti, Trivette, Gage and Cooke.  


Walker, Texas Ranger


The explosive conclusion of the Rangers' on-going search for the elusive and resourceful Chairman.  


Star Trek

The Conscience of the King

Kirk is one of the last survivors who can identify a mass killer, who lurks among a Shakespearean troupe aboard the Enterprise. 


Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Big Good-Bye

When the holodecks malfunction, the Captain and three crew members become trapped in San Francisco, 1941, where they are held hostage by murderous gangsters. 


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Shadow Play

Odo and Dax try to solve the mystery of an alien planet whose inhabitants are disappearing without explanation. 


Star Trek: Voyager


Voyager is caught in the middle of a deadly game between hunter and prey. 


Star Trek: Enterprise

The Aenar: Part 3

Archer visits Shran's icy homeworld to find an Andorian subspecies called the Aenar, to determine their connection to the marauder destroying ships in the region. 



Next Generation

During the second week of rookie school, April is injured by a bump on the head caused by a mysterious wave runner rider which harasses her, Lani and Skylar and nearly causes her to be thrown out of rookie school. After visiting his home neighborhood, Manny becomes more determined to become a lifeguard than anything else. Meanwhile, after Mitch looks into his past while he himself was at rookie school with the first love of his life, a lifeguard named Beth, he reconsiders the offer by Chief Johnson to become Captain. 



The Choice

Veteran lifeguard John "J.D." Darius arrives at Bayside and competes with Taylor Walsh, an attractive newcomer, for Mitch's old job as lieutenant and Mitch must make his own decision as to which one will be the most eligible one for his former job. Although J.D. has more experience as a lifeguard than Taylor, he is plagued by haunting memory of failing in a rescue at Daytona Beach where he worked some years ago.  



The Mole

When an interpreter from the Chinese consulate is killed in a hit and run accident, Don and his team uncover an unlikely connection to the department of justice. 



No Balls, Two Strikes

Bobby's fearsome adversary is released from prison, and Dutch plots to use the convict to eliminate Reno.