The High Chaparral


The Brothers Cannon - Buck decides to leave the ranch to be free from Big John's authority.
Needing protection from Apache Indians after his wife is killed in an attack, Arizona Territory rancher "Big" John Cannon (Leif Erickson) looks for help from his rich and powerful neighbor, Don Sebastián Montoya (Frank Silvera). As part of the deal struck with Montoya, Cannon marries his daughter, Victoria (Linda Cristal), and she and her brother, Manolito (Henry Darrow), come to live on the High Chaparral Ranch. Cannon, his brother, Buck (Cameron Mitchell), and Montoya's men find adventure in battling Indians, former Civil War foes and the occasional gambling-, women- or whiskey-related conflict.
  • Season

    S0/EP - An Anger Greater Than Mine

    Victoria's childhood sweetheart is released from prison and believes her father stole his land.

    S0/EP - Generation

    Blue's artistic talent puts him at a crossroads between Big John and going east to study at school.

    S0/EP - Auld Lang Syne

    Buck reunites with an Army friend and leads his men to Mexico, only to find they're stealing gold along the way.

    S0/EP - The Reluctant Deputy

    Blue acts as deputy for the weekend and faces off against bank robbers, Buck and Manolito.

    S0/EP - To Stand for Something More

    Blue is left in charge of the ranch as the men of High Chaparral travel. However, he struggles to maintain authority and loses Big John's prize stallion.

    S0/EP - Jelks

    With Sam gone, Big John is driving the men crazy trying to run the ranch alone. But when Joe takes over, he hires a foreman with a bad past.

    S0/EP - New Hostess in Town

    When Victoria is kidnapped and Buck's rescue fails, they work together to escape from a crooked bar owner.

    S0/EP - Apache Trust

    Blue is taken captive until Big John can prove the Apaches did not steal an Army shipment. Manolito locates the robbers, but no one knows it or his location.

    S0/EP - The Long Shadow

    Mysterious events threaten the lives of work hands, forcing the Cannons to investigate.

    S0/EP - The Little Thieves

    Buck and Manolito harbor two orphan girls who both want to be outlaws like their father.

    S0/EP - Alliance

    The Cannons are in danger when an Army bounty hunter is sent to retrieve an Apache Indian accused of murder.

    S0/EP - The Legacy

    A con man and his daughter pick Big John and Blue as their next targets.

    S0/EP - The Lost Ones

    After Victoria heals a wounded Apache, he comes to believe she has magical powers, telling a local chief she can heal his son, whose wound is infected with gangrene.

    S0/EP - Lady Fair

    Buck falls for a pretty tomboy freighter and helps her win a fight against a ruthless freighter.

    S0/EP - Friends and Partners

    Buck and Manolito take time off to "work" at their own ranch. Meanwhile, Comancherous plot to attack and steal their horses.

    S0/EP - Trail to Nevermore

    Victoria, Manolito and a wounded Big John seek refuge in a ghost town from bandits who stole their horses.

    S0/EP - Mi Casa, Su Casa

    Big John discovers the true meaning of an old Mexican custom,"My house is your house," when Montoya makes himself at home and unknowingly sparks conflict with the Apaches.

    S0/EP - Bad Day for a Bad Man

    Manolito must retrieve stolen money or the Cannons may lose their ranch.

    S0/EP - The Guns of Johnny Rondo

    Buck knowingly hires a gunman and his son to work at the ranch, and their past quickly catches up with them when vengeful men attack.

    S0/EP - The Journal of Death

    When Victoria is injured, Big John is left with no choice but to have a doctor wanted for murder operate on her.

    S0/EP - A Piece of Land

    Buck and Manolito struggle to pay for a ranch they purchased while maintaining their free lifestyles.

    S0/EP - The Brothers Cannon

    Buck decides to leave the ranch to be free from Big John's authority.

    S0/EP - A Time to Laugh, A Time to Cry

    Manolito's old flame is kidnapped by Comancheros just before he proposes.

    S0/EP - Time of Your Life

    Blue is in hot water when he crosses a professional gunman.

    S0/EP - Too Many Chiefs

    Big John and Victoria take a delayed honeymoon, leaving Buck, Blue and Manolito to manage the ranch.

    S0/EP - The Lieutenant

    Blue gets in over his head when he helps his friend and Army officer arrest a neighbor for desertion.

    S0/EP - For the Love of Carlos

    Victoria adopts a young boy, who is soon kidnapped by his outlaw father.

    S0/EP - No Trouble at All

    On her way to help deliver a baby, Victoria is kidnapped first by Apaches and then by bank robbers.

    S0/EP - The Lion Sleeps

    Montoya pretends to be near death to con Big John into giving him the High Chapparral. Meanwhile, Manolito is engaged to a rich heiress.

    S0/EP - No Bugles, No Drums

    Uncle Buck's former flame enlists his help in the search for her missing husband.

    S0/EP - A Fella Named Kilroy

    An old friend of Uncle Buck is taken on as a ranch hand, only to be tracked down by the outlaws he double crossed.

    S0/EP - Surtee

    A crooked ex-Army officer uses Indians to rustle cattle so he can sell them across the border in Mexico.

    S0/EP - Stinky Flanagan

    Buck is sent to purchase a mule but returns with a camel and its former owner. However, the horses can't stand the animal and the ranch hands can't stand the man.

    S0/EP - Feather of an Eagle

    Blue Boy is taken hostage by the Apaches after he frees a white girl from their captivity.

    S0/EP - Shadow of the Wind

    A peace treaty with the Apaches is threatened by the arrival of scalp hunters.

    S0/EP - For What We Are About to Receive

    A squatter comes between Victoria and her Thanksgiving turkey.

    S0/EP - North to Tucson

    After Victoria saves the life of a man, she learns he's sworn to kill Big John.

    S0/EP - Ebenezer

    Big John hires a newspaperman to raise crime awareness. Meanwhile, a criminal plots revenge against the reporter.

    S0/EP - Follow Your Heart

    Ranch hand Sam returns home to avenge his daughter's death, who died by the hands of an old friend.

    S0/EP - A Joyful Noise

    Manolito falls for a woman who is being courted by another man.

    S0/EP - The Hair Hunter

    Big John harbors a wounded Indian while a mining company owner is paying bounty for Apache scalps.

    S0/EP - Bad Day for a Thirst

    Uncle Buck takes a pair of young drifters under his wing, hiring them as ranch hands. However, they may be disguised Apache who murdered a local rancher.

    S0/EP - Champion of the Western World

    Blue enters a prize fight against an old foe in order to raise money for a silver saddle.

    S0/EP - The Kinsman

    The brother of Big John's first wife arrives at Chapparal—wanted dead or alive by bounty hunters.

    S0/EP - Gold Is Where You Leave It

    Gold seekers plot against the Cannons after Big John drives them away from an abandoned mine on his land.

    S0/EP - Spokes

    Against the advice of the others, Buck goes to the town of Spokes for the Fourth of July. He soon finds himself between a hide hunter and an avenging father.

    S0/EP - The Filibusteros

    Buck accompanies Victoria and Manolito to their father's ranch, finding an ex-Confederate officer planning to annex it as his own state.

    S0/EP - The Terrorist

    Manolito frees an old friend from jail and hides him at High Chaparral. However, he soon discovers the man's plot to kill the Mexican president.

    S0/EP - The Widow from Red Rock

    A widow from a neighboring ranch returns after Comancheros killed her crooked husband. In a surprise move, she asks Buck to be her foreman and husband.

    S0/EP - The Price of Revenge

    The previous owner of the High Chaparral teams with Buck's gunslinger friend to drive out the Cannons and reclaim the ranch.

    S0/EP - A Hanging Offense

    Blue kills a soldier attacking an Indian girl, and soon learns that he was the son of a vengeful general.

    S0/EP - The Firing Wall

    A Mexican bandit lures Blue, Manolito and the Cannon Ranch hands into Mexico, where he has planned their execution under false charges.

    S0/EP - Sudden Country

    Buck, Manolito and Blue help a naïve bank clerk come to terms with ranch life, disease and the Apache. Meanwhile, Buck falls for the banker's wife.

    S0/EP - The Doctor From Dodge

    The Cannons meet a travelling dentist who is as skilled with a firearm as with a tooth extractor. But trouble arises when he forms a pact with outlaws to kidnap Blue for money.

    S0/EP - The Assassins

    An assassination plot on a medicine man could endanger the Cannons and start a war with the Indians.

    S0/EP - Survival

    Stranded in the desert, Blue and Big John form an unlikely alliance with an Apache they wounded.

    S0/EP - Shadows on the Land

    John confronts a ruthless cattleman who forces ranchers to sell their cattle at low prices. Victoria attempts to help despite John's resistance.

    S0/EP - Mark of theTurtle

    A search for a dangerous bandit leads to Montoya's ranch, threatening Big John's treaty with him.

    S0/EP - Young Blood

    When Buck breaks his leg, John entrusts Blue and Manolito to negotiate the purchase of a bull and cows from Montoya.

    S0/EP - A Quiet Day in Tucson

    Blue, Buck and Manolito travel into town for supplies but are distracted by poker, booze and women.

    S0/EP - Best Man for the Job

    When the Army arrives at the ranch with Apache prisoners, John fears his treaty with Cochise will be broken unless they are returned.

    S0/EP - The Ghost of Chaparral

    Victoria's efforts to become the lady of the house are thwarted when Apaches kidnap her and an old beau returns.

    S0/EP - Ride the Savage Land

    Buck promises to rescue a woman's sister after she is kidnapped by Apaches—an impossible feat.

    S0/EP - The Arrangement

    Big John forms an alliance with his Mexican neighbor to unite against the Apaches, sealing the deal with a marriage.

    S0/EP - Destination Tucson

    During the 1870s, Big John Cannon and his family move to their new cattle ranch, The High Chaparral, in dangerous Arizona Territory.

    S0/EP - The Peacemaker

    Angry at being treated like a kid, Blue joins a government scout and his Apache daughter. He soon finds himself in love and in the middle of a dangerous peace negotiation.

    S0/EP - Threshold Of Courage

    Big John's war enemy kidnaps Victoria in a plan to kill him.

    S0/EP - Tiger by the Tail

    The Cannons tend to a wounded man, fighting for the good of his people. But after his people try to recapture him, Victoria learns the truth.

    S0/EP - Ten Little Indians

    After Pima Indians attack local Apaches, Blue and Buck find orphaned Indian boys at the High Chaparral.

    S0/EP - The Covey

    Buck and Manolito face off against an escaped convict planning to steal a pack train.

    S0/EP - Tornado Frances

    Conned into buying a saloon, Buck juggles building repairs and protesting women.

    S0/EP - The Stallion

    When an Apache chief allows Blue to keep a wild black stallion, the chief's envious son steals it back.

    S0/EP - The Buffalo Soldiers

    Buffalo soldiers and the Cannons attempt to clean up crime in Tucson.

    S0/EP - The Deceivers

    Apaches steal supplies from the Cannon's ranch and kidnap Manolito.

    S0/EP - The Promised Land

    Victoria and Manolito are upset with their father's dishonest methods after he reneges on a promise to sell land.

    S0/EP - Our Lady of Guadalupe

    A Mexican priest uses a counterfeit religious relic to attract pilgrims and funds for his impoverished town.

    S0/EP - A Way of Justice

    Big John is framed for murder by gypsy shepherds. His only way out is to pay $15,000.

    S0/EP - The Last Hundred Miles

    A freight-shipping agent uses fake Indian attacks to increase prices.

    S0/EP - The Glory Soldiers

    A troupe of religious revivalists from the Salvation Army enlist Uncle Buck and Manolito as their guides.

    S0/EP - Once on a Day in Spring

    After a spat with Big John, Victoria returns home only to interupt her father's courtship of a visiting countess.

    S0/EP - No Irish Need Apply

    Against Big John's wishes, Manolito helps an Irish miner protest dangerous work conditions. Little does he know that the miner plans to spark danger himself.

    S0/EP - Sea of Enemies

    An Army deserter accused of murder takes Blue Boy hostage in the desert.

    S0/EP - A Matter of Vengeance

    Embittered over the loss of his home and grandson, a man vows to track down the bandits responsible.

    S0/EP - Fiesta

    En route to a border town fiesta, Buck invites trouble when he befriends a Mexican boy he saved from a fight.

    S0/EP - The Hostage

    Victoria and Wind are held hostage by bank robbers.

    S0/EP - Only the Bad Come to Sonora

    The victim of highwaymen, Manolito poses as a poor drifter in his attempt to recover his father's stallion.

    S0/EP - The Badge

    After finding his wanted poster, Buck recounts his days as a wanted man, and Big John's as the lawman chasing him.

    S0/EP - Sangre

    An Indian war is threatened when a wounded Apache leader is held hostage at the Cannon ranch.

    S0/EP - Pale Warrior

    The Cannons befriend a man who claims to have been an Apache prisoner for 15 years, but they soon regret their decision.

    S0/EP - The New Lion of Sonora: Part 1

    After Montoya's death, his brother inherits the ranch, but his only concern is gambling, women and drinking.

    S0/EP - The New Lion of Sonora: Part 2

    After Montoya's death, his brother inherits the ranch, but his only concern is gambling, women and drinking.

    S0/EP - Man to Match the Land

    In exchange for access to Apache land, Big John must help a hated Indian find a doctor for his sick wife.

    S0/EP - The Forge of Hate

    Peace efforts of an Apache warrior are undermined by his long-embittered tribal chief.

    S0/EP - Too Late the Epitaph

    Manolito is jailed in a case of mistaken identity on charges of holdup and murder.

    S0/EP - A Good Sound Profit

    John Cannon faces the alienation of his family and friends when he aids a band of Mexican revolutionists.

    S0/EP - It Takes a Smart Man

    Tulsa Red blackmails Big John—pay $5,000 or Buck dies.

    S0/EP - A Matter of Survival

    Returning home from a visit to her father's ranch, Victoria finds an infant, the only survivor of an Indian raid on his parent's wagon.

    S0/EP - Wind

    Big John proposes the ranchers work together to drive their own herds to Wichita instead of Texas to increase their profit.
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