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You probably never thought you'd see Superman and the A-Team in the same sentence. So why not make a quiz with both; there's a first time for everything. Each show has characters, so we want to see if you can figure out where they belong. 

Note: These character names are a combination of recurring and one-offs! It'd be way too easy to use starring characters' names. 

Good luck!

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  1. Character name: Knuckles Nelson
  2. Character name: Frankie Santana
  3. Character name: 'Leftover' Louie Lyman
  4. Character name: Boots
  5. Character name: Father Stellini
  6. Character name: Tawnia Baker
  7. Character name: Capt. Blood
  8. Character name: Walker
  9. Character name: Stryker
  10. Character name: Prof. Pepperwinkle

Are these characters from Adventures of Superman or The A-Team?

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