The A-Team

What type of Santas would each member of The A-Team be?

Listen up, ladies and gentlemen. The A-Team is gearing up for the holidays, but they're playing Santa.

What member of the A-Team is completely opposite from these statements?

Do you know The A-Team well enough to tell which of these statements are opposite of the truth?

Quotes that could only come from The A-Team

These quotes will make you think the entire A-Team was ''on the jazz.''

What show is The A-Team’s Dirk Benedict in?

Faceman showed his face all over TV, playing both heroes and villains.

Can you name all these celebrity guest stars in The A-Team?

Wrestlers, football players and Eighties new wave singers all joined up with the ragtag soldiers of fortune.

7 of John Hannibal Smith's best disguises from The A-Team

Oftentimes, part of a plan coming together includes a clever, or not-so-clever, disguise from John Hannibal Smith.

Despite their on-camera chemistry, Mr. T and George Peppard were not friends

The two often clashed; however, they made sure B.A Baracus and Hannibal were still a team.

8 recent voice performances by 'The A-Team' actor Dwight Schultz

Superheroes, villains, and video game characters — Howling Mad Murdock voiced them all.

Why Triple A stopped working on The A-Team

Melinda Culea and Stephen J. Cannell did not see the character the same way.

Who on The A-Team wore these outfits, disguises and accessories?

There’s no telling what The A-Team will wear on any given mission.

The A-Team revived George Peppard's ''poisoned'' career

Peppard went from an enduring star to being labeled Hollywood's unemployable bad boy—that is, until the A-Team came along.

You might recognize this A-Team guest star from this Eighties cult classic

Andre Gower bonded with B.A. before he battled the Universal Monsters.

Did Hulk Hogan or B.A. Baracus say these lines on The A-Team?

Body slams, intense getaways, wrestling and explosions. It sounds like any episode of The A-Team. The difference? Hulk Hogan!

How The A-Team sparked the cult phenomenon that was Mr. T

The A-Team icon took credit for creating the character of B.A. Baracus.

Are these Tom Cruise movies or episodes of The A-Team?

Do you know Days of Thunder from The Sound of Thunder?

Mr. T was so intimidating, The A-Team had to make his character afraid of flying

B.A. Baracus had fans convinced that Mr. T was really afraid to fly. Naturally, Mr. T played along.

How well do you know B.A. Baracus, The A-Team’s most intimidating character?

Plenty of details may have gone unnoticed due to the sheer amount of dominance portrayed by Mr. T’s character.

12 intense yet charming behind-the-scenes photos from The A-Team

The chemistry of the team is clear based on some of these behind-the-scenes images.

Do you know the ranks to these A-Team characters?

Who was a captain, who was a general?

Dwight Schultz didn't let the critics get him down about being on The A-Team

''People expect me to apologize for the series.''

Answer these questions, and we'll guess your favorite A-Team episode

Admit it, sometimes you get lost in The A-Team's action-packed episodes.

Fans of The A-Team phoned in votes to decide the fate of this substantial episode

This drama-filled episode from season five had a pair of endings scripted. It was up to fans to decide which one was shown.

Hannibal Smith and a good workout routine helped George Peppard avoid burn out on The A-Team

John Hannibal Smith gave Peppard the thrill he needed to get through long hours on the set of The A-Team, especially in the... MORE

Do you remember the names of these bad guys on The A-Team?

If you were a member of the A-Team, would you catch these guys?

Before getting her A-Team role, Melinda Culea quit acting

The actor was a part of two pilots that didn't sell, so she stopped auditioning.

An unexpected audition tape gave Dwight Schultz his role on The A-Team

His audition tape was shown at parties. Lucky for him, the creator and executive producer of The A-Team took notice.