All three Maverick men appeared together in just one episode of the classic Western

Roger Moore guest starred on the show before he became cousin Beau.

Can you tell the difference between Maverick episodes and Humphrey Bogart movies?

Are these titles TV western adventures or film noir classics?

The creator of Maverick wrote tongue-in-cheek instructions for making the show

"Writers and directors of Maverick are requested to live dangerously."

Can you tell the difference between Bret Maverick and Paladin?

These well-dressed Western heroes for hire have a lot in common – do you know what sets them apart?

This episode of Maverick wasn’t quite as “authentic” as it wanted you to believe

The real “Hoyle’s Games” book never actually mentioned a five-card stud.

James Garner thought Maverick was responsible for limiting his career

He also had a lot to say about television Westerns, implying they were "terrible."

Can you pass this true or false quiz about James Garner?

How well do you know the legendary actor?

Here's why James Garner didn't renew his contract with Warner Bros.

"I remember my lawyer asking, 'do you want a new contract, a raise, or do you want out?' I said I want out."

James Garner believed that there's a massive responsibility in television

The 'Maverick' star believed that television is one of the three most important inventions ever made.

Maverick skewered Gunsmoke in a hilarious spoof titled ''Gun-Shy''

Marshal Mory Dooley was a spot-on parody of Marshal Matt Dillon.

The creator of Maverick was forced to change the pilot episode to keep him from collecting any royalties

Warner Bros. founder J.L. Warner would not allow any original ideas to be made into series.

5 surprising things we learned about James Garner from a 1981 interview

The Maverick star had a surprising fear of women and horses.

How many TV westerns can you name?

Saddle up for the ultimate western fan challenge.
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