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You've heard of the phrase, "April showers may bring flowers," right?

It originated in the United Kingdom and is a reminder of the changing seasons. This can be seen in two ways: We all know there are four seasons within the year, and they change every few months. However, we also have seasons in our lives that shape who we are as well. Maverick star James Garner had a special connection to the month of April.

The bond between James Garner and April was not just a mere belief, but a profound personal connection. He saw the month as a sign of pivotal changes in his personal life and career. In the book James Garner by Raymond Strait, chapter five delves into the actor's deep affection for the fourth month of the year.

"James Garner always considered April his pivot month. He was born in April, wounded in Korea in April, and in April 1957, he learned that he was to become a father for the first time."

Was it a stroke of good luck or a series of coincidences? Regardless, the month of April seemed to be a harbinger of great things for the actor, including a new, lengthy contract with Warner Bros.

"So he must have considered it good luck of his birth month when Warner Brothers gave him a new seven-year contract and the lead role in Darby's Rangers."

Garner would later share his true feelings about doing business with Warner Bros. after he felt Maverick was responsible for limiting his career. Yet, that experience still didn't take away from the fact that April was always good to the Western star.

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