Which classic Western is Adam West in?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: February 7, 2023, 10:04AM

Adam West debuted on television in a 1954 episode of the anthology series The Philco Television Playhouse. The episode happened to be called “The Joker” – ironic, considering West’s most famous role.

But before he played the Caped Crusader, West turned up in numerous Westerns. His good-looks and charm worked well for both heroic allies and treacherous villains. He played the real-life outlaw Doc Holliday in three different shows in 1959, two of which you’ll see below.

Try to guess which classic Westerns Adam West is in based on these images. Good luck!

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  1. Which Western is this?
  2. What show is this fight in?
  3. That's Adam West on the right. Do you recognize this show?
  4. West was an Army Major in...
  5. Which Western is this?
  6. What show is West in here?
  7. West played Doc Holliday for the first time in...
  8. Then he played Holliday again in...
  9. Which West western is this?
  10. Which Sixties color Western is this?
Which classic Western is Adam West in?

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