One episode of Maverick connects to 8 other shows — can you name them all?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: September 14, 2023, 1:31PM

Maverick stood out against its straightforward Western peers as a witty, irreverent take on the gunslinger genre. Bret and Bart Maverick traded gibes with adversaries far more than bullets.

Though it had plenty of humor, the show was still very much a Western. It even used many of the same character actors that popped up in so many other Old West shows.

The classic episode “The Cats of Paradise” features many recognizable actors and references another popular Western. It shares a few other connections only the biggest classic TV fans will know.

We noticed this single episode has links to eight other shows. Can you guess them all?

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  1. Which show is this actor best known for?
  2. The actor on the right is most famous for his role in which sitcom?
  3. He also had a recurring role as Fred Rutherford in…
  4. After appearing in Maverick and many other Westerns, this actor won a regular role in which show?
  5. After tangling with Bret Maverick, actor Mona Freedman was accused of murder in not one, not two but three different episodes of which show?
  6. Which Western hero is the character Faro Jack parodying?
  7. Director Arthur Lubin was no stranger to working with animals. After working with cats in this 1959 episode, two years later he directed his first of over a hundred episodes of which show?
  8. Which one of the actors from this episode did NOT appear in The Twilight Zone?
One episode of Maverick connects to 8 other shows — can you name them all?

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