How well do you remember Christmas in the Star Trek universe?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: December 8, 2022, 2:06PM
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The Star Trek universe did not often celebrate the holidays, but with all the time jumping, alternate realms and holodeck shenanigans, Christmas did pop up in just about every series and the films.

Do you remember all the references to Christmas in Star Trek? We gathered some of our favorite Christmas-related episodes. It takes a series Trekker to ace this one. Good luck!
  1. In "Dagger of the Mind," Kirk kissed this character with a Christmas-y last name at a Christmas party. What was her name?
  2. At the opening of "Devil's Due," Picard is watching Data play which character from 'A Christmas Carol'?
  3. In the episode "Death Wish," Quinn turns the Voyager into what object when trying to hide from Q?
  4. In what Star Trek movie does Picard enter the Nexus and envision his fantasy family at Christmastime?
  5. In that Christmas fantasy, who is this woman in relation to Picard?
  6. The DS9 episode "Our Man Bashir" is a James Bond homage. In the secret agent holosuite program, Bashir escapes using this explosive gift he gave Kira as a Christmas present.
  7. Bashir throws this explosive gift at O'Brien, who is playing a villain named…?
  8. In the Voyager episode "11:59," Janeway's ancestor Shannon O'Donnel seeks help in what kind of store that is decorated for the holidays?
  9. In that episode, what is the name of the important structure being built in the small Indiana town?
  10. This producer-creator oversaw the creation of the Star Trek series after the passing of Gene Roddenberry. He was born on Christmas Day.
How well do you remember Christmas in the Star Trek universe?

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