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When Trent is attacked to try and prevent him from testifying in an upcoming trial, an unlikely hero is the one person standing in the way of letting the defendant go free. See how well you remember this exciting season six Walker episode.

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  1. What event are Walker and Alex attending?
  2. What is the name of the girl Walker and the team befriend?
  3. What does Riggs dress up as to try and kill Trent?
  4. What part of Trent does Riggs not injure?
  5. Where do Walker and Trivette track Riggs to?
  6. What does Riggs leave behind that the Rangers use to identify him?
  7. Is Alex able to get Foley's trial pushed back?
  8. Who does Riggs kill while trying to find Sally?
  9. Where does Riggs attack Sally and Carlos?
  10. What place does Sally take in the race?

How well do you know the Walker, Texas Ranger episode ''Special Witness''?

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