How well do you know the career of Tony Shalhoub?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: August 6, 2021, 3:31PM
Tony Shalhoub is a star that keeps on shining. Along with his hit crime series Monk, Shalhoub can be seen and heard in popular film and television franchises all across the decades.

But do you think you know all there is about his incredible career? Take the quiz below and see how well you know about the many roles of Tony Shalhoub!
  1. What 80s action series did he make his first on-screen appearance in?
  2. He had a recurring role in all 7 seasons in which 90s comedy series?
  3. What Pixar movie series has he voice acted in?
  4. How many times has he been nominated for his role as Adrian Monk in Monk?
  5. What cult sci-fi comedy film did he star in?
  6. What popular 90s computer game did he voice act for?
  7. John Turturro played Monk’s brother, Ambrose Monk. Which movie did Turturro and Shalhoub both star in together before the series?
  8. Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character did he voice in the recent TMNT films?
  9. He stars in which Amazon comedy series?
  10. What alien does he play in the Men in Black movie franchise?
  11. True or False: Tony Shalhoub has won a Tony Award for his work on Broadway
How well do you know the career of Tony Shalhoub?

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