Batman vs. The Joker: Whose side are you on?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: January 10, 2024, 10:07AM
Let us guess: you looked at the title and already chose a side; we bet you picked Batman, too! This fun little quiz is not that easy, though. Well, if you really wanted to, you could choose to be on Batman's side, but to make it fun, don't count out the Joker!

Word around Gotham is that Batman and the Joker have a few problems. That's where you come in; we need you to choose who's right or wrong in each of these situations! 

NOTE: These are made-up situations; of course, these things never happened on the show!

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  1. One bottle of permanent hair spray is left at the Gotham Dollar Store. The Joker called and asked if the worker could hold it for him, but when he got to the store, Batman purchased it. Batman was told that the Joker wanted to buy the hairspray before purchasing it, but he thought the Joker would use it for something devious. Now, the Joker is upset. Whose side are you on?
  2. Batman planted a vegetable garden near a known area in Gotham where the Joker likes to ride his bike. The garden was created to provide fresh veggies to residents in Gotham, but now the Joker can't ride his bike in the area. Whose side are you on?
  3. A new resident in Gotham needed help moving into her home. The Joker and his crew created a moving service to help her and even built a machine to transport her items into the home in five minutes. Batman found out about this and took the wires out of the machine so it wouldn't work. The woman paid the Joker, but he had to return the money after discovering what Batman did. Now the Joker is upset. Whose side are you on?
  4. The Joker bought a cake for Mayor Linseed's birthday, but so did Batman. Linseed liked Joker's cake better, which hurt Batman's feelings, so he threw the rest of Joker's cake on the floor, making the villain mad. Whose side are you on?
  5. Someone prank called Batman. He accused the Joker of doing it and went to cut the wires of the Joker's phone. Batman was right, but now the Joker has to get another phone. Whose side are you on?
  6. The Joker stole Batman's cape and sold it to someone outside Gotham. So, Batman took all of the Joker's funds and bought multiple capes. Whose side are you on?
  7. There's a huge party happening in Gotham. The residents voted for Batman to be the host, but the Joker didn't think he had a fair chance. He ruined the party with a food fight. So Batman captured him and sent him to jail. Whose side are you on?
  8. Batman and the Joker were voted "Best Dressed" by the residents of Gotham, and they had to share an award. Batman wanted to accept the award by himself because he had a lengthy acceptance speech prepared. So, he lied to the Joker about what time the ceremony started, and Joker missed it. As a result, the Joker egged the Batmobile. Whose side are you on?
Batman vs. The Joker: Whose side are you on?

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