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Movies are a great source of entertainment, and when you can't get to a theater, the best place to watch them is on television. Some of the best movies were released in the '70s, and some made-for-television movies were so good that you'd think they were theater releases.

Were these made-for-television movies, or were they released in theaters?

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  1. Movie name: "Crash" - starring Eddie Albert (1978)
  2. Movie name: "Harry and Maggie" - starring Don Knotts (1975)
  3. Movie name: "Jaws" - starring Roy Scheider (1975)
  4. Movie name: "Suddenly, Love" - starring Cindy Williams (1978)
  5. Movie name: "The Godfather" - starring Al Pacino (1972)
  6. Movie name: "The Night Stalker" - starring Darren McGavin (1972)
  7. Movie name: "Taxi Driver" - starring Robert De Niro (1976)
  8. Movie name: "Annie Hall" - starring Woody Allen (1977)
  9. Movie name: "The Strangers in 7A" - starring Andy Griffith (1972)
  10. Movie name: "Car Wash" - starring Richard Pryor (1976)

Are these '70s TV movies or were they released in theaters?

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