Quotes that could only come from The A-Team

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As soldiers of fortune, you’ll have your fair share of stolen vehicles, intense escapes, explosions and battles.

Amid the chaos in The A-Team, there are quite a few classic quotes that could probably only fit into this show’s context. Some are said pretty frequently, while others simply leave you thinking, “it makes total sense that line was used in The A-Team.”

In no particular ranking, here are some of the best classic, funny, intimidating and random quotes echoed on The A-Team.

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"I love it when a plan comes together" – Hannibal

Regularly said throughout the series, John “Hannibal” Smith, who is the leader of the Team, egotistically says these words when the team defeats the enemy, fends off the law or retrieves a captured asset. Whether there was a plan or not, when Hannibal says this line, he’s letting everyone involved know that The A-Team got the job done.


“Of course I have a plan, but it’s a secret” – Hannibal

Hannibal will always be the man with a plan, even if he doesn’t involve the rest of the team! Pestered by Face on a queasy boat trip to Mexico, Hannibal retorts this line, paired with a cigar puff of smoke in the face of Face… telling him not to worry in a very fitting A-Team way.


“Thank you for flying Miracle Airlines, the only airline where lady luck is your co-pilot.” – Murdock

There is only one “Howling Mad” Murdock, and he’s known for his ability to fly aircraft and pump out quotes like this one. Most see the humor in his ability (or luck) to land different forms of aircraft safely, even when both engines are blown out. Some don’t, like B.A., who is passed out in the back of the plane after being sedated.


“Going to need the Faceman to change his name… Yeah, to BrokenFace.” – B.A.

Intimidating could be an understatement when it comes to B.A. Baracus. After blaming Faceman for getting shot in the leg, B.A. has a unique way of not mincing his words, while changing Face’s name! Regardless of the new nickname given in this quote, the message is clear…. B.A. wasn’t thrilled with “BrokenFace.”


“You messed up bad, now I have to mess you up. It’s the law!” – B.A.

If mincing words wasn’t clear enough, the next sentence that B.A. exclaims in the season one episode “Black Day at Bad Rock” is crystal…. Face’s face just might get messed up!


“I ain’t gonna let you pump none of Murdock’s crazy juice in me, no way man…. He’s nuts!” – B.A.

The terrified phrase B.A. screams after finding out the only way to get a much-needed blood transfusion is from Murdock, let’s just say, his least favorite A-Team member. It’s no secret Murdock is busted out of a hospital more times than not when the team gets a job. No matter how much of it Murdock puts on as a front, B.A. wants no part of his DNA, even though it can save his life!


“Noses are also made to be broken, right Face?” - Hannibal

A classic Hannibal snap-back comment after Face attempts to get involved with a client. Pleading to Face that it’s against the rules to mix pleasure with business, Face responds, “aren’t rules meant to be broken?” This gives way for a classic B.A. sounding threat that comes from the team leader.


“I don’t know, I have intermittent memory loss!” – Murdock

The ever-quick-witted response Howling Mad gives Hannibal when he asks, “How’d I let you talk me into this?” It’s really the only question toask when escaping a prison on a pair of floating chairs powered by…. Trash bags.


Bonus: “Hannibal’s on the jazz again” – B.A. & Face

The line generally used by B.A. that’s directed at Hannibal meaning: He’s come up with a plan, but there is no conceivable way to get it done. In other words, this plan is crazy!

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