How well do you remember the premiere of Voyager?

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Star Trek: Voyager first premiered on January 16, 1995 and introduced scores of Trekkies to a completely new side of the galaxy never before seen in other pieces of Star Trek media. Following Captain Janeway and the rest of the eponymous Voyager crew, the series explored the Delta Quadrant and its strange new worlds. 

How well do you remember this series premiere? 

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  1. What country does Cpt. Janeway go to to find Tom?
  2. Who on the Maquis ship is a spy for Janeway?
  3. What is Voyager's designation?
  4. Who offends Quark at his bar?
  5. What kind of pet does Cpt. Janeway have with Mark?
  6. Which commanding officer doesn't like Tom?
  7. Why was Tom in prison?
  8. What spatial anomaly sends the Voyager to the Delta Quadrant?
  9. What seems to be causing all of the spatial anomalies and hallucinations?
  10. Who gets captured and taken to a new planet?
  11. What do Ocampa call the array?
  12. Who does the Voyager crew find scavenging parts from space?
  13. How is the away team able to escape from the Kazon Ogla?
  14. How are the crew able to get into the Ocampa city?
  15. What do the away team learn about the Ocampa?
  16. Who gets injured in the tunnels trying to escape?
  17. Who tries to attack the Array?
  18. What caused the massive environmental collapse on the fifth planet?
  19. How does Chakotay stop the Kazon reinforcements?
  20. How does the Voyager crew deal with all the new people onboard?
How well do you remember the premiere of Voyager?

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