The creator of Maverick wrote tongue-in-cheek instructions for making the show

"Writers and directors of Maverick are requested to live dangerously."

Were these Westerns filmed in black-and-white or color… or both?

Can you remember watching these cowboys in full color?

Are these images from Rawhide, Wanted: Dead or Alive or Have Gun - Will Travel?

Hold on to your hats, cowboys. We're going through different parts of the West.

Can you match these saloons to the correct Western show?

Do you recognize the Silver Dollar, the Alhambra and the Birdcage?

5 facts about the life and career of Cheyenne star Clint Walker

Walker moved his family around 28 times before he found stability in Hollywood.

Did these Westerns debut in the '50s or '60s?

Which decade did these Westerns first take over the West?

James Garner thought Maverick was responsible for limiting his career

He also had a lot to say about television Westerns, implying they were "terrible."

5 sharpshooting facts about Cheyenne

Ever wondered how many times Cheyenne ACTUALLY took off his shirt?

Can you name all these guest stars on Wanted Dead or Alive?

Many famous actors from film and TV appeared in the series.

Clint Eastwood and Paul Brinegar toured as a musical duo between Rawhide shoots

The Western stars earned big paychecks for their state fair gigs.

How many TV westerns can you name?

Saddle up for the ultimate western fan challenge.
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