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TV Wonder Woman Lynda Carter reveals why she left Hollywood in 1984

By: H&I Staff     Posted: March 29, 2024, 3:27PM    Tags: Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter

With the 2017 Wonder Woman movie reviving interest in DC's Amazing Amazon, fans couldn't help but point to Lynda Carter's work on the 1970s Wonder Woman TV series and draw a direct comparison. For her part, in an interview with People, Carter said she supported the film and urged fans to watch it. The actress also confirmed that she had talked about taking on a role in the movie's sequel, a project that was then newly announced and released in 2020 (Wonder Woman 1984).

The thrill of seeing Carter on the big screen alongside the new Wonder Woman Gal Gadot had many viewers excited by the rumor, but back in 1984, Carter said she'd had enough of movie studios.

She told People.com that she left Los Angeles that year to pursue a life with more substance — and soon thereafter, motherhood — in Washington, D.C., where she moved after becoming newly married to lawyer Robert Altman. According to Carter, it's how she ended up with a family full of lawyers and a happy life.

"It's always the people in your life — the friends and family that you choose to spend time with," she told People. "It is every step you take that is the more difficult step in taking care of your children. The easy way out often ends up being the hardest."

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