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Wonder Woman is simply one of those '70s shows that will always be a classic, and Lynda Carter is one of the reasons why. The actress was only 24 when she snagged the role in 1975, but she played the part as if she was a veteran actor who had been acting for decades.

Three years before, Carter won a local beauty contest in Arizona and won Miss World USA in 1972. Her beauty and fitness were the perfect match for the superhero role.

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According to her, when she was younger, she resembled Olive Oyl from Popeye. "I looked like Olive Oyl when I was growing up. I was skinny until I started high school. Then I grew three inches and put on 25 pounds," she told The Los Angeles Times in 1977. "During high school, I wanted to be like everyone else. However, once I got out in the world, it was fun to decide who and what I wanted to be!"

There was nothing wrong with her appearance before or after she gained weight and grew taller. Carter saw that she didn't need to force herself to be like others. Once she understood that, the actress blossomed, but beauty was not a subject that captured all of her attention.

"I think more about the whole person. It takes work to get myself together," the Wonder Woman actress said. "I just know if I'm not feeling good or in a good mood, it affects the whole crew and the actors around me."

One of the things that kept her in an upbeat mood was music — both listening to other artists and creating her own. Carter was also extremely passionate about the character she played.

"I read about Wonder Woman all the time when I was a kid. It's quite true; we all need a female hero figure! I used to love Spider-Man, too."

Carter not only valued being a hero figure for younger generations, but she also cared deeply about staying true to Wonder Woman in the series.

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