Who are these celebs popping out of a window on 'Batman'?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: November 18, 2022, 10:23AM
Famous faces lined up to appear on Batman. The camp classic cast everyone from stars of Hollywood's golden age to modern pop singers. Everyone from Tallulah Bankhead to Lesley Gore jumped at the chance to play villains. Heck, even Frank Sinatra wanted to play the Joker.

The 1966–68 series also had a brilliant gimmick: Whenever Batman and Robin were climbing the side of a building, a celebrity would pop out of a window and say hello.

This happened 14 times over the three seasons. So, can you name all of them? Only a true ace of 1960s trivia could identify all of them, so we'll help out a bit.

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  1. He kept America rockin'.
  2. Who are these masked men?
  3. He could have been "The Candy Man."
  4. How about this young comedian?
  5. Where's Hogan when you need him?
  6. Hey, it's Lurch! What is the actor's name?
  7. This popular singer later bumped into the Brady kids in Hawaii.
  8. This is Bill Dana, who often appeared as this Bolivian character on 'The Ed Sullivan Show.'
  9. Spoiler: This actor's name is Howard Duff. He is appearing here as what character from 'Felony Squad'?
  10. This beloved television host emceed 'Kids Say the Darndest Things' and 'House Party.'
  11. He played a gangster in dozens of classic Hollywood films.
  12. Now this gets hard. Yes, this is obviously Santa Claus. The man playing him was famous as a cowboy sidekick in countless Westerns. What is his name?
  13. She is Aileen Mehle, but she wrote as an advice columnist with a pen name shared with an NBA team. What was it?
  14. Finally, this businessman named Cyril Lord appeared in commercials during the 1960s. He traded some of his merchandise for this cameo appearance. Yep, he bought his way on the show to promote his stuff. What was his nickname?
Who are these celebs popping out of a window on 'Batman'?

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