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Who comes across more clever names — comic book writers or casting directors?

After this quiz, the answer is uncertain. Some character actors who appeared across classic television had wonderful names, ones that sounded like fictional characters from the DC universe. Well, they were real. 

We sprinkled them in with some vintage Superman villains. Try to sort them! No x-ray vision needed.

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  1. Solomon Grundy
  2. Cheerio Meredith
  3. Chill Wills
  4. Vril Dox
  5. X Brands
  6. Narda Onyx
  7. Ferlin Nyxly
  8. Winslow Schott
  9. Guich Koock
  10. Dabney Donovan
  11. Cactus Mack
  12. Tristram Coffin
  13. J. Wilbur Wolfingham

Was this a classic Superman villain or a classic TV character actor?

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