Can you name all these side characters in the 1960s Batman?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: June 28, 2022, 11:48AM

After the famous Dynamic Duo, the best-remembered parts of the Sixties Batman series are the many colorful villains. While the conflicts between the heroes and crooks were the driving force behind many wonderfully wacky adventures, there were many other characters who filled out the world of Gotham City and beyond.

Here are the unsung side characters, the ones who helped Batman and Robin fight crime or, in some cases, got in their way. Can you name them all?

  1. Bruce Wayne's trusted butler is...
  2. This commissioner placed many calls to the caped crusader.
  3. Gotham's Chief of Police is...
  4. Dick Grayson (Robin) had an aunt named...
  5. Do you remember the name of Gotham's mayor?
  6. The warden of Gotham's prison shares a name with a science fiction author.
  7. The superintendent of "Ireland Yard" in Londinium is...
  8. This glamorous actress performed at the Gotham City Theatre.
  9. What is this hippy music tycoon's name?
  10. The officer on the far right transferred to Gotham from the Los Angeles Department.
Can you name all these side characters in the 1960s Batman?

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