Can you guess which Nineties shows these Sixties stars are in?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: November 12, 2021, 12:18PM

Portraying a popular character on a hit show is an actor’s dream and can cement a legacy still fondly remembered years into the future. These stars made a name for themselves in the 1960s but were still on TV three decades later!

Some made cameos as their old characters while others led brand new hit shows. Do you remember Sixties stars showing up onscreen in the Nineties? Guess which shows these actors are in!

  1. Donna Douglas wore a familiar hillbilly hairstyle alongside Fran Drescher on which '90s show?
  2. Here are two '60s icons as their '90s characters. Whose show are they on?
  3. After fighting aliens in the '60s show The Invaders, Roy Thinnes appeared on which '90s series?
  4. Burt Reynolds had his own '90s sitcom. Do you remember the name?
  5. Eddie Albert stopped by The Golden Girls spinoff called...
  6. These Gilligan's Island stars reprised their roles on which '90s show?
  7. Lee Majors played a corrupt sheriff in which '90s series?
  8. Bill Mumy returned to space in which '90s sci-fi show?
  9. Carroll and Carol played Jamie's parents in which '90s sitcom?
  10. Don Knotts played Deputy "Feif" in a Christmas episode of which '90s sitcom?
  11. Ken Curtis guest-starred on which '90s cop show?
  12. Do you remember Mary Tyler Moore's short-lived '90s show?
Can you guess which Nineties shows these Sixties stars are in?

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