Can you complete the titles of these 1970s summer movies?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: September 13, 2023, 10:00AM

The blockbuster summer movie season as we know it began in the 1970s. We can thank George Lucas and Steven Spielberg for that, as Jaws and Star Wars had people lining up down the sidewalk.

Of course, those 1975 and 1977 smashes did not invent the idea of the summer movie. After all, teen beach movies were big business in the Sixties.

Horror, comedy and action were all on offer in the hottest months. See if you can remember the missing words from these hit movies of the 1970s.

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  1. 'Animal _______' was the third biggest movie of 1978.
  2. Only 'Star Wars' made more money than 'Smokey and the _______' in 1977.
  3. 'The Spy Who _______ Me' was the third James Bond movie with Roger Moore.
  4. 'Enter the _______' made Bruce Lee a box office superstar in 1973.
  5. George Lucas was feeling nostalgic for '62 when his blockbuster 'American _______' was released in '73.
  6. Walt Disney paired TV comedians Don Knotts and Tim Conway in 'The _______ Dumpling Gang.'
  7. The 1975 hit '_______ High' inspired the TV series 'What's Happening!!'
  8. 'Logan's _______' was a science-fiction spectacle of 1976.
  9. Speaking of sci-fi, the dystopian '_______ball' starred James Caan in 1975.
  10. British comedy troupe Monty Python released another cult historical comedy in 1979 called 'The Life of ______.'
  11. The historical musical 'Jesus Christ _______' had audiences singing in the aisles in '73.
  12. Mark Hamill followed up 'Star Wars' with the road-trip adventure '_______ Summer.'
  13. Former 'Gunsmoke' star Burt Reynolds starred in the 1974 hit 'The Longest _______.'
  14. Former 'Rawhide' star Clint Eastwood had another Western hit with 'High Plains ________' in 1973.
  15. Wes Craven established himself as a horror master with the 1972 underground hit 'The Last House on the _______.'
  16. Sequels were big business back then, too, as proven by 1977's 'Exorcist II: The _______.'
  17. Nick Nolte starred in the 1979 comedy 'North Dallas _______.'
Can you complete the titles of these 1970s summer movies?

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