What's groovier than these classic 1970s cars?

By: H&I Staff    Posted: January 8, 2024, 3:46PM Tags: Tags: Cars, 1970s, nostalgia

Come on, let's go for a ride! In the 1970s, owning a car was one of the best things in the world. Your road journeys were endless; you could travel wherever your heart desired (with the right amount of funds, of course). Take a look at some popular 1970s cars and envision yourself driving through your favorite city in the summer as the breeze of the wind blows your hair away.


Would this be your dream car?

This yellow beauty would look beautiful in the summer sun.


Take flight in this Ford!

Apparently, this car gives you wings! Alright, maybe not, but you'll feel like you're floating when driving this car.


Hey, it's a Pontiac!

Have you ever seen a ride this clean


AMC Matador, it's one of a kind!

This is for those who wanted to keep a low profile, you know, the mysterious look.


Take the doors off this Jeep!

Remember when we couldn't get away from Jeeps?! It seems like everyone had one of these cars.