How well do you know ''Mirror, Mirror''?

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Opposite Day is one of those holidays where everyone can revel in its silliness and have a good time. Up is down, yes is no, hello is goodbye and happy is sad. However, for the crew of the Enterprise, Opposite Day is downright brutal as some of them find themselves transported to the Mirror Universe, where the Federation had been twisted into the evil Terran Empire.

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  1. What precious resource is the Federation looking for on the Halkan homeworld?
  2. What phenomenon causes trouble for the transporter?
  3. Whose mirror doppelganger harasses Uhura on the bridge?
  4. Why can't Scotty mess with the phasers?
  5. How much time does Kirk give the Mirror Halkans to consider Terran demands?
  6. Which Mirror Universe crewman tries to kill Kirk in the hallway?
  7. Finish this Mirror Spock line: "____ must be maintained or the Empire is doomed."
  8. Who detects the Prime universe crew messing with the Mirror Enterprise systems?
  9. How is Uhura able to get off the bridge?
  10. Who is eventually swayed to help the Prime crew return home?
How well do you know ''Mirror, Mirror''?

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