The most valuable trekker is...

Gregory W from Fontana, CA

I have been a lifelong fan of Star Trek. I started watching the original series on NBC as a child and have watched all the different films and series throughout my life. Each series and film has a special meaning to me, much like songs each one happened when important memories were created in my life, the birth of my children, my journeys around the world. I saw The Voyage Home in Singapore. I was a fan when Star Trek was not popular, between the original series and the Motion Picture eras. I remember kids making fun of me in school because I was a Trek fan, it didn't matter, I made a costume and a "phaser" out of a squirt gun and had many wonderful imaginary away missions as a child. Star Trek has been a constant companion in my life's journey and it will always have a special place in my heart. View all entries
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