The Ultimate H&I Holiday Gift Guide: Star Trek Edition

By: H&I Staff    Posted: December 5, 2023, 1:59PM Tags: Tags: All Star Trek, ALLSTARTREK

Everyone, don't panic! We know it's the holiday season and things can get a tad bit hectic, but the H&I store eliminates the stress of not knowing what to buy the ones you love. For this gift guide, we're focusing on our fellow Trekkies. Everyone knows at least ONE Trekkie, and we have lots of items that can make their holiday one to remember. Check out these items in the H&I Store. 

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Star Trek - Friends Hoodie

The weather outside is cold and looks like a winter wonderland; staying comfy in wintery weather is a MUST! What's better than a Star Trek hoodie?

Check it out in the H&I Store.


Star Trek USS Enterprise Fleece Throw Blanket

Shower the Trekkie in your life (or yourself) with this Star Trek blanket. Just imagine staying home, watching one of the Star Trek shows, all snuggled up in your blanket. That sounds like a dream night to us.

Check it out in the H&I Store.


Star Trek Tribble Slippers With Sound

Have you ever had slippers that made sounds? Well, these Tribble slippers are purr-fect. Not only do they resemble Star Trek's furry friends, but they're also pretty comfortable.

Check it out in the H&I Store.


Geeki Tikis Star Trek: The Next Generation Geordi La Forge Mug

Vision this: You're wrapped up in a Star Trek blanket and your Tribble slippers close by; imagine drinking hot chocolate from your Next Generation mug. This gift would be a true Trekkie's dream!

Check it out in the H&I Store.


Star Trek Captain Kirk Bathrobe for Adults

What's better than a regular robe? A Star Trek-themed one! This "one size fits all" robe is warm and soft. You'll feel like your body is touching a cloud.

Check it out in the H&I Store.


Star Trek Funko POP Vinyl Figure | Kirk (Mirror Mirror Outfit)

With this Funko POP, Captain Kirk can literally be IN YOUR HOUSE. Well, not William Shatner, but this is the closest you can get! There are also various other characters in the store as well. Collect them all, if you will!

Check it out in the H&I Store. 


Star Trek Kirk & Spock 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Let's all be honest: the colder it gets outside, the more you want to stay inside. You need to find ways not to be bored, and this Star Trek puzzle can definitely keep your attention for a while.

Check it out in the H&I Store.

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