8 minor goofs you might not have noticed in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'

By: H&I Staff    Posted: November 15, 2022, 3:10PM

Star Trek: The Next Generation had a lot to live up to following The Original Series. It more than made its mark upon the Star Trek mythos, and like its predecessor, also had a few goofs that could be picked up on by the well-trained eye. Here are 8 of our favorite Federation fumbles. 

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Admiral Quinn, is that you?

In "Conspiracy", the crew of the Enterprise stumbles into conspiracy of Starfleet officers who have been compromised by parasitic organisms. One of the officers, Admiral Quinn, fights with both Riker and Worf aboard the Enterprise. Since Admiral Quinn was an older man, a stunt double had to be brought in for fight scenes, leading to hilarious moments like this.


Wow, that's a strong throw.

Also in "Conspiracy," when Geordi and Worf respond to Riker's distress signal, they are confronted by the possesed Quinn, who almost immediately throws Geordi into the doors and out into the hallway. Arguably, a body thrown against the metal doors of a spacecraft wouldn't do that much damage.


The Case of the Schrodinger's Hat

In "The Inner Light" Captain Picard is thrust into a hallucination where eveyone thinks he's a farmer on a primitive planet. When walking up a hill to survey his surroundings, a straw hat materializes in his hand when he makes it up the hill, despite it not being there in a previous shot or the shot after. 


Um Guinan, you have something in your drink.

In "Yesterday's Enterprise" while Guinan is talking with Worf in Ten Forward, the lens of a camera can very clearly be seen in her prune juice.


Bev, did you change your hair?

In the two-part episode "The Best of Both Worlds" Captain Picard is taken and assimilated by the Borg Collective in the season finale, with the next season's premiere picking up right after. Despite taking place mere seconds later, Dr. Crusher's hairstyle changes considerably. 


Crusher cheats the pot

In "Cause and Effect," the Enterprise becomes trapped in a time loop, forced to crash into an oncoming vessel over and over again. In the opening poker game, Dr. Crusher bets 20 chips, but only puts down one silver chip, which is only worth 10.


O'brien, where'd you get that insignia?

Though he is a huge help to the crew of the Enterprise, Chief Officer Miles O'brien is not a commissioned officer of Starfleet. That being said, he does wear the insignia of a lieutenant in "Redemption Part 2."


What's that back there?

What would be a list of goofs without an unintentional equipment in the shot entry? In this scene in "Remember Me" where Dr. Crusher finds herself to be the last living thing aboard the Enterprise, the reflection of a boom mic is seen in the transparent black case behind her as she moves around the bridge.

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