Your awesomest #AllStarTrek tweets of the week

This week, we saw the reveal of Kirk's middle name!

10 undercover facts about 'Wiseguy'

The gritty '80s crime drama paved the way for shows like 'Breaking Bad.'

The man who made Spock's ears worked for the C.I.A.

Pioneering makeup artist John Chambers helped Jonathan Harris overcome a fear — and helped free hostages.

Your best #AllStarTrek tweets from January 8

You've done it again! Here are your awesome #AllStarTrek tweets.

Batgirl turns 50 years old this month

The TV show played a major part in developing this iconic comic book character.

The secret lyrics to 13 classic TV theme songs

Have you ever heard the lyrics to the theme from 'Star Trek'?

New year, new great #AllStartrek tweets

#AllStarTrek is the best way to start off the new year.

Remembering those we lost in 2016

As 2016 comes to an end, we look back on individuals featured on Heroes & Icons who we have lost. 

a very merry allstartrek

Trek the halls with boughs of #AllStarTrek

These vintage TV annuals collected your favorite '60s shows

British kids had a cool way to celebrate their favorite shows during the holidays.

Adam West creates abstract art inspired by cult classic 'Batman'

The real-life Caped Crusader takes on art as a new hobby!

3 musical episodes you can see on H&I

From ancient Greece to the 24th century, breaking into song is timeless.

10 minor goofs you never noticed in 'Star Trek'

They'll still make ships out of wood in the 23rd century.

tis the season for allstartrek

It's always the season for #AllStarTrek

The Star Trek prop that predicted the flip phone is back

Want to chat like Spock? A new Communicator will link to your cell phone.

must see holiday episodes on hi this week of December 19

Spend your holiday relaxing with your favorite heroes and icons.

Star Trek gets a feline make over

Live long and prospuuurrr.

'Star Trek: Discovery' lead announced

'Star Trek: Discovery' is assembling a stellar cast.

The infinite AllStarTrek of Megus Tu

For once: a Redshirt (that's not Scotty) survived. Believe it or not!

its a deep space nine christmas

"Simply commanding a wonderful Deep Space Nine"

popular superheroes get a 1966 makeover

These retro makeovers are all the rage.

'Wiseguy,' 'Maverick,' 'Police Story' and more join the H&I schedule in January

Plus, as you requested, All Star Trek will run together in a block on weeknights.

Grant Tinker is remembered with a touching tribute

Tinker is remembered fondly by 'NYPD Blue' creator Steven Bochco.

You can probably find Star Trek's Enterprise chairs at a yard sale

Common office furniture was used to make Kirk's seat.

R.I.P. Van Williams, star of 'The Green Hornet'

The TV superhero later became a fire fighter.

George Takei was inducted into the California Hall of Fame

"Over the course of his career, Mr. Takei has inspired fans around the world to make a mark on history."

It's time for All Star Trek tweets

Another thing we love about the holidays, pink tribbles and All Star Trek.

The best guest stars from Star Trek Voyager

Least we forget that Sarah Silverman was on Voyager.

R.I.P. Grant Tinker, famous TV executive and co-founder of MTM Enterprises

He helped create some of our favorite shows like Hill Street Blues.

Cher almost played the Borg Queen in 'Star Trek: First Contact'

Do you believe in life after assimilation?

Some 'Star Trek' props were merely 29-cent toys

You probably once played with the same prop used for the Captain's logbook.

Top AllStarTrek tweets

A long holiday weekend in the captain's log.

Meet Joe Lombardi, the Desilu FX master who made Lucy's bread and the Enterprise's buttons

Star Trek's computers were more like Jell-O shots than circuits.

Must-see episodes on H&I this weekend

We're already getting into the holiday spirit

Mondays and allstartrek

We went beyond the farthest star...

Catching up with Alexander Siddig

Even after Game of Thrones and Peaky Blinders, he stays loyal to Star Trek fans.

Six things you might not know about Robert "Chakotay" Beltran

Before he was a First Officer in Starfleet, he was eaten in a cult movie.

how nichelle nichols and robert picardo fell in love with space

Star Trek changed the actors' lives, just as it changed ours.

Watch a supercut of every time someone says "Some kind of" on Voyager

Some people have too much time on their hands. And we aren't complaining!

4 essential Captain Kirk episodes

Meet the man behind the charm.

You can now buy the Trekkie in your life a Tribble fur coat

A new Star Trek clothing collection oozes 1966 style.

Six facts about Star Trek The Next Generation episode "The Battle"

Where were you when you first saw Wesley's sweater?

Another week another allstartrek

This was an emotional rollercoaster for some of our favorite female characters.

8 fantastic ferengi facts about max grodenchik

Star Trek and (almost) professional baseball player

Star Trek's man in the monster suit made fascinating behind-the-scene movies

The stand-in for Bones, Billy Blackburn captured great footage on his 8mm.

R.I.P. Robert Vaughn, star of 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.'

The man who was Napoleon Solo died at 83.

7 great TV shows about the United States Marine Corps

Before he went sci-fi, Gene Roddenberry was Semper Fi.

5 reasons why we love michael dorn

Look beyond the forehead.

10 things you never knew about Gene Roddenberry

The 'Star Trek' creator went from pilot to space pioneer.


In space, the guest stars were just as important as the regulars.

The results are in: Your best #AllStarTrek tweets of the week

The time may have changed, but #AllStarTrek remains the same!

6 adorable pets of the Star Trek universe

Humans, Vulcans and Klingons alike all love their cuddly pets.

See 'The Next Generation' cast compete on 'Home & Family Feud: Sci-Fi Edition'!

What comes to mind when you think "sci-fi convention"?

Canadian brewery makes 50th Anniversary Star Trek beer

One brewery in Halifax is combining its love for Star Trek and suds.

William Shatner is pushing for a Star Trek musical

The actor hopes to celebrate the show's 50th anniversary with a special and some songs.

Yep, it's #AllStarTrek tweet recap time: Halloween edition!

We might have started over with TOS, but you guys are staying fresh.

Take an exclusive tour of the fan-built Enterprise set

Save a trip to Upstate New York with this guided look with an expert.

Leonard Nimoy wanted to play Spock forever

"He loved playing Spock," says son.

TV comic books were a lot cooler south of the border

Editorial Novaro produced some beautiful comic adaptations in Mexico.

The prop weapons on 'The Green Hornet' were a real gas

It took skill — and baby powder — for Van Williams and Bruce Lee to use their guns and darts.

Stock up on some new Star Trek holiday decorations

Put a little Spock in your stocking.

A spotter's guide to the awesome ships introduced on 'Star Trek: The Animated Series'

The creators of Star Trek: The Original Series had an unlimited imagination. However, they had a rather limited budget,... MORE

'Daniel Boone' had the most fascinating cast

What do a sewing NFL star, a sausage kingpin, a Bond villain, and the voice of Gumby all have in common? This 1960s adventure... MORE

12 wonderful William Shatner television performances beyond Star Trek

Shatner has played everything from a drug lord to an astronaut who can talk with dolphins.

Your best #AllStarTrek tweets of the week

This might have been the last episode of TOS, but don't worry. We're not going anywhere.

How to make a perfect replica of the 1966 Batman cowl

Adam West's original is now purple, so this is more than mere cosplay. It is necessary.

We love the look of this fan-made 'Star Trek' opening credits sequence

We'd be okay with this change. Just don't mess with the music.

The secret to Hercules' staying power, according to Kevin Sorbo

Sorbo seeks outdoor time when not meeting fans.

In the original 'Star Trek' pilot, it wasn't easy being green

The film lab was not aware some actresses are meant to be green.

Star Trek creator's lost files found

50 years after the original series' release, lost documents by Gene Roddenberry were found.

Check out these incredibly lifelike Kirk and Spock figurines

It's hard to find more detailed figurines than these.

Mork from Ork swiped his spacesuit from the Starship Enterprise

It's a small world. Or should we say "Nanu-universe."

Dress exactly like Kirk and Spock with these new velour Trek tunics

These awesome replica costumes look like they walked straight off the set in 1966.

The case of the missing Enterprise deflector dish

The restoration of the original Enterprise revealed surprising details of the ship's defenses.

Star Trek in baseball, baseball on Star Trek

The World Series is just around the corner. Who are you rooting for?

The great Star Trek Enterprise grid lines gridlock has been solved

The markings on the starship's saucer are no longer a deep mystery.

Someone made this beautiful Batmobile replica out of aluminum

Holy shimmering sports car, Batman! This shiny ride appeared at the Detroit Autorama.

What do you consider the first Star Trek episode?

It's stardate versus air date. "The Man Trap" against "Where No Man Has Gone Before." Grab an ahn'woon and enter the arena!

University of Kansas goes out of this world with half time show

Watch the Marching Jayhawks pay tribute to Star Trek.

The Redshirt Massacre: What really went down in the Enterprise laundry room

There's a material reason Redshirts always died.

#AllStarTrek Strikes Again

Bottom line: 7 of 9 has finally arrived!

You'll never guess who took Batgirl's costume after 'Batman' ended in 1968

It looks like a coworker might have secretly been a huge fan of Yvonne Craig's Batgirl.

1960's 'Batman' and 1970s 'Wonder Woman' team up for new crossover comic

Television's Batman and Wonder Woman finally team up for a new project.

The 'Batman' TV series sure liked to label everything

One Twitter account is documenting all the hilariously redundant labels used on the original 'Batman' series

7 memorable Adam West roles that aren't Batman

We love him as the Caped Crusader, but Adam West has some other incredible roles too!

A cartoon about a heroic Gene Roddenberry rescue goes viral

The Star Trek creator rescued passengers from a plane crash in the Syrian desert. A new comic strip tells the tale.

Here's what Adam West thinks about the new 'Batman' movies

TV's Batman thinks the films should have more humor.

Leonard Nimoy stashed Tootsie Pops in his Tricorder

A favorite prop and a favorite pop.
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