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Seward's Folly

After making a survey map of the newly purchased Territory of Alaska for Secretary of State William Seward, McCord becomes the target of two men who want to steal the map. 

Broken Arrow

Water Witch

War threatens when drought-stricken ranchers begin diverting water from the Indians' stream. 


Curse of the Mugumba Tree

Tarzan battles a treacherous engineer to save a young woman from a death curse. 

Daniel Boone


An old treasure hunter, looking for one of the seven cities of gold, lures Boone to near death in a community of desperate exiles. 

Eco Company Teens

Farm to Fork to Fuel


Walking Wild

Bears & Animals from Australia


Zoo Clues

Monkey Business

"We’ll investigate some of the coolest primates in the animal kingdom: monkeys! We’ll learn what’s up with the proboscis monkey and meet the cutest monkey in the world." 

Coolest Places on Earth, The

Adventures in Thailand

"We head to where the rainforest meets the beach - Thailand. On our adventure we kiss an elephant, harness the wind and surf, shop from a riverboat, and ride one of the longest zip lines in the world." 

Heroes Among Us

Heroes Among Us 202

"An off-duty police officer saves a family from a burning car; a teenage race car driver races to eliminate hunger; a bedridden heart attack victim saves a neighbor’s baby and an LA County firefighter battles the devastating impact of cancer." 

Heroes Among Us

Heroes Among Us 207

"Oprah Winfrey opens her Leadership Academy and a world of opportunity in South Africa; a plastic surgeon travels the third-world in order to reconstruct lives of disfigured children; professional athletes, Andre Agassi and Tony Hawk, work hard to serve America’s youth and a woman educates hundreds of homeless children who are eager to learn." 

Iron Horse

High Devil

Ben tries to get a right of way for his railroad from a hostile, rifle totin' woman. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

The Manhunter

Paladin is forced to kill Jimmy Dawes, wanted for murder. When he takes him back to his home town, the townspeople, the sheriff and the boy's brothers give him a hostile welcome. 

Wagon Train

The Michael Malone Story

Young Julie Holland is falling for Michael Malone, a young man haunted by the death of a woman from his past, which he feels guilty about. Meanwhile, the marriage of another young couple, Ben and Beth Mitchell, is strained because of Beth's increasing bitterness toward her husband and her own feeling of unworthiness. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

In an Evil Time

Pappy French and his gang have robbed the bank in Mercede of $50,000. Pappy ran off with the cash and left his gang to shoot it out with the law. Paladin is hired to bring Pappy and the money back. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

The Man Who Wouldn't Talk

Chris Sorenson is shy around women and he asks Paladin to help him with his new neighbor, Senorita Maria de Castro, a lady rancher. Complicating the matter is cattle missing from the de Castro ranch. 

The Rebel

Ben White

When the posse chasing Ben White and his gang capture White's wife, Yuma is given the task of taking the wife to a town jail while the posse follows a false lead. Meanwhile, the treachery of White's wife places Yuma in a precarious situation.  

The Rebel

The Found

While traveling with a posse in search of an outlaw, Yuma encounters the outlaw's wife, who is having a baby. He stays with her and the baby while the outlaw is trapped between the posse and two bounty hunters.  


Stage West

Fleeing a band of angry Indians, Bret takes shelter in a way station where a family of psychotic murderers are planning their bloodiest deal. 

Black Sheep Squadron

The Deadliest Enemy of All: Part 1

When French gets flamed in a hailstorm of flak, Pappy guides the pilot to safety but is injured in the process. 

Star Trek: The Animated Series

The Survivor

Patrolling near the Romulan Neutral Zone, the USS Enterprise finds a ship manned by Carter Winston, a Federation citizen and philanthropist who has been missing for five years. 

Star Trek: The Animated Series

The Infinite Vulcan

While visiting the newly discovered planet Phylos, Lt. Sulu picks up a walking plant, called a Retlaw, and is poisoned. The alien species that inhabit the planet, who are plantlike beings, approach and save Sulu's life. 

Star Trek


The Enterprise must deal with a creature from Kirk's past that feeds on human blood. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Force of Nature

An alien brother and sister resort to desperate measures to prove their theory that warp drive is destroying the universe. 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges

Bashir becomes an unwitting pawn in a deadly game between Romulan intelligence forces and a covert Starfleet organization. 

Star Trek: Voyager

Caretaker: Part 1

While searching for a missing officer, Captain Kathryn Janeway and the crew of the Starship Voyager are swept 70,000 light years from home. 

Star Trek: Enterprise

Shockwave: Part 2

Daniels and Archer must find a way back to the 22nd Century in order to make sure history plays out as it should. Meanwhile, on board Enterprise, the Suliban have taken over the ship, but Reed, Trip, and T'Pol formulate a plan to eject the aliens. 

Swamp Thing


When Arcane unleashes a virus that could be fatal to Swamp Thing, Ann does research and apparently finds a way to restore Alec's humanity with a special serum to change Swamp Thing back to his human self. But when the result is successful, Alec begins to think of the cost of his transformation when he learns that the effect may only be temporary. 

Swamp Thing


The ghosts of two temporally displaced Confederate Civil War soldiers appear in the swamp, one of whom is a previous resident of Will's house. Swamp Thing assists Will to help the man to discover the mystery behind his wartime disappearance and make peace with his past so he can pass on into the great beyond. 


Forgotten Front

Lt. Hanley's platoon is given a mission to spot the location of hidden German heavy artillery. After a patrol is lost in a booby-trapped dye factory, Sgt. Saunder's squad is sent forward to help. They find a kindly German deserter hiding in the factory, and must decide whether to leave him alive or dead when they retreat from a German tank attack. 

12 O'Clock High

The Outsider

While on a bombing run over German fuel dumps, Gallagher's squadron is hit hard by German fighters. Lt. Harley Wilson, flying wing for the P-51 escorts, hits Gallagher's B-17 by mistake while firing at the enemy. 

21 Jump Street

The Currency We Trade In

A popular sports writer finds his life ruined when Penhall believes his ex-wife's allegations about him being a child molester.  
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