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Hired Gun

A rancher mistakes Cheyenne for a hired gun who's out to kill him. 

Adventures of Superman

The Mysterious Cube

A criminal creates a steel cube in which to imprison himself so that he can be declared legally dead and absolved of his crimes. 

Adventures of Superman

The Atomic Captive

Lois and Jimmy attempt to rescue Dr. Ladislav, a nuclear scientist, from foreign agents. 


That Darn Catwoman

Robin is drugged and turned into Catwoman's pawn, helping her steal money from Wayne Manor. As the police draw near, she threatens to kill the Boy Wonder, leaving Batman to act on his own. 


Scat! Darn Catwoman

With no other options, Batman joins Catwoman's gang. Pretending to be under her spell, Batman sets a trap for her and saves Robin in the meantime. 


Four O'Clock Army: Part 1

Tarzan and Sir Basil Bertram clash over how to best handle an impending raid by a gang of slave traders.  


Four O'Clock Army: Part 2

Tarzan must stop a gang of slave traders whose prisoners include Jai. 

The Greatest American Hero


An act of kindness backfires when Ralph uses the suit to help a coworker with a personal project.  

The Greatest American Hero

There's Just No Accounting

Bill convinces the parents of a kidnap victim to pay the ransom, certain that Ralph can recover it when he saves their little girl. 

Swamp Thing

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Sheriff Andrews allows Dr. Arcane to hunt an employee for sport. To teach Andrews a lesson, Swamp Thing traps the corrupt sheriff a fantasy of the Wild West populated by familiar faces, forcing him to duel the evil Renegade Jake in a fight to the death. 

Swamp Thing

Fear Itself

Mephisto torments Swamp Thing with nightmarish visions of his most darkest fears involving his own fear, loneliness and the people of his past and present. 


Treasure of Sienna Mende

A female jewel thief helps Cutter and Sheena locate a hidden treasure that could help a drought-stricken tribe. 

Xena: Warrior Princess

Between the Lines

After rescuing a woman with mysterious powers, Xena and Gabrielle find themselves in a future life where they are fighting the reincarnation of Alti, the evil shaman. Together they must use the power of the mendhi to defeat Alti before she ends their karmic cycle forever. 

Xena: Warrior Princess

The Way

Xena and Gabrielle encounter their old friend, Eli, who has been targeted by Indrajit, the king of demons. When both Eli and Gabrielle are captured, Xena is forced to seek help from a higher power: Krishna. 

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Yes, Virginia, There is a Hercules

An earthquake in present-day Los Angeles causes panic for the writers of 'Hercules' when the series' star, Kevin Sorbo, goes missing. 

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys


After Discord uses Artemis' bow to turn Hercules into a pig, Iolaus and Autolycus race to save "Porkules" from the butcher's chopping block. 


Final Judgment

A contract killer is hired to take out a small-town judge. 

Black Sheep Squadron

High Jinx

"Pappy snares himself an ace who just happens to an Admiral's son. Gutterman flew with the pilot before and tells Pappy the man is a jinx. Pappy tells Gutterman to keep it to himself, there's no such thing as jinxes, however the rest of the squadron finds out anyway from other sources. When things start to go wrong they blame the new ace. Gutterman who begins to see how wrong their thinking has been tries to befriend the pilot...but its too late. He informs Gutterman that he can't take that kind of hatred again and he's getting out one way or another. When the squadron is attacked by zeroes he disobeys orders and engages. He's shot down and dies. Upon return to Vella la Cava the now sober squadron finds gifts awaiting for them - their newest pilot had contacted his father and had new flight jackets made for all of them. Their remorse at they way they treated him comes too late... " 

Black Sheep Squadron

Prisoners of War

When the Black Sheep shoot down and capture a Japanese Zero pilot they discover he was raised in the United States. Torn between the two cultures, the pilot is no longer sure where his loyalties should lie.  



Hunter and McCall are brought in to help solve an arsonist/murder case. Someone has been setting empty warehouses on fires all over the city. 



Hunter and McCall go after a sniper who is killing blondes who remind him of his ex-wife. 


La Mina

Santana learns the details of Guzman's money laundering operation and comes face to face with the drug lord who cost him his job as a Federal prosecutor. 


Witness Protection for the Archangel Lucifer

Still convinced of Santana's loyalty, Guzman instructs him to deliver $85 million in bearer bonds to El Salvador. After Santana is captured by Salvadoran soldiers who try to rob him, a team of agents arrests Guzman as he tries to save himself with information about Terranova's killers. 

The Commish

Sex, Lies and Kerosene

Tony and Paulie investigate a puzzling arson case in which the husband of a beautiful woman appears to have been murdered. 

The Commish

Judgment Day

Tony winds up in one of his own jail cells when he runs afoul of an imperious judge who's hiding a fearsome secret. 

21 Jump Street

The Buddy System

McCann joins up to be the partner of a mentally handicapped youth in a school buddy system to investigate the murder of the boy's former partner.  

21 Jump Street


Doug falls for a narcotics officer with questionable tactics and a possible drug problem herself.