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Stagecoach West

Songs My Mother Told Me

"Luke and Simon are suspicious when Davey begins to slip out with food and clothes. They find out that he befriended a murder witness." 


Very Few Heroes

A woman who loathes McCord needs his testimony in order to keep from losing her ranch in a lawsuit. 

The Rebel

Angry Town

Johnny Yuma comes to town for supplies only to discover that he is the victim of a conspiracy—no one will sell to him. He will starve unless he can break the boycott. 

Broken Arrow

Old Enemy

Problems arise when a prospector is bent on mining gold in Apache territory. 

Yancy Derringer

Fire on the Frontier

Yancy's Indian friend Pahoo becomes an important element in efforts to prevent a war with the Pawnee tribes, as he journeys to Washington D.C. to present their grievances to Congress. 

Have Gun, Will Travel


Two brothers on opposite sides of the law offer rewards for each other's capture. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

Bob Wire

A barbed-wire salesman hires Paladin to protect him from ranchers. 

Daniel Boone

Sweet Molly Malone

Boone and Rebecca are instrumental in bringing two stubborn, lonely people together. 

So You Want to Be

So You Want To Be - 117

"Teenagers learn to be a fashion model and an aerobics instructor." 

So You Want to Be

So You Want To Be - 118

"Teenagers learn to be a physical therapist and a radio talk show host." 

Tomorrow Today

Tomorrow Today - 117

"Revealing new scientific advances in: radiation; glaciers; space suits." 

Tomorrow Today

Tomorrow Today - 118

"Revealing new scientific advances in: neuroscientists; hi-tech shirts; baldness." 


Real Dragons and the Island of Komodo



Sumatran Tiger and Asian Lions


Have Gun, Will Travel

The Debutante

More than one surprise awaits Paladin as he searches for a dowager's missing granddaughter. 

Wagon Train

The Trace McCloud Story

A strangler is loose in the town of Bedrock. When the wagon train rolls through it is joined by a good percentage of the town's population—and the strangler.  

Have Gun, Will Travel

Unforgiving Minute

Sabina is tired of her life as a poor potter's wife---and looks to Paladin for a way out. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

American Primitive

Harry Morgan portrays a sheriff who enlists Paladin in a hunt for a killer. 

The Rebel

Gold Seeker

Yuma attempts to take a man accused of killing an Apache woman over gold to the nearest fort for trial, but he must pit his story against that of the man to Apache Chief Running Wolf, who was the father of the murdered woman, to whom the accused was husband.  

The Rebel


Yuma, seeing Glory's banishment for murder, offers to help her to the next town for trial but, while supplying in Glory's town, he runs afoul of Emma, who has falsely accused Glory to keep her control of brother Don against Glory's love.  


The Saga of Waco Williams

Bret and his buddy, Waco Williams, ride straight into trouble in Bent City, where they are suspected of being cattle rustlers. 

Black Sheep Squadron

Last One for Hutch

After an enemy attack destroys their base and kills their mechanic, the Black Sheep Squadron is broken up and the men assigned to desk jobs in other units. 

Star Trek: The Animated Series

The Infinite Vulcan

While visiting the newly discovered planet Phylos, Lt. Sulu picks up a walking plant, called a Retlaw, and is poisoned. The alien species that inhabit the planet, who are plantlike beings, approach and save Sulu's life. 

Star Trek: The Animated Series

The Magicks of Megus-Tu

While exploring near the center of the galaxy, the USS Enterprise is caught inside an energy/matter vortex and all her computer systems fail. A being named Lucien appears on the bridge, repairs the ship's systems and takes the crew to explore his planet, Megas-Tu. 

Star Trek

Operation -- Annihilate!

Kirk and the Enterprise must combat parasitic aliens. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Battle

A thought altering device, controlled by a Ferengi Captain seeking revenge on Picard for his son's death, threatens the life of the Captain and the safety of the Enterprise. 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The Nagus

Quark is suddenly named leader of the Ferengi financial empire, and discovers that he's not only popular—he's now a target for death. 

Star Trek: Voyager


A painful chapter in Neelix's past is reopened when the scientist responsible for killing his family beams aboard Voyager. 

Star Trek: Enterprise

United: Part 2

Archer tries to unify the Andorians, Tellarites and Vulcans in a plan to capture a marauder ship threatening to destabilize the region. 


Upstairs, Downstairs

Tension mounts within the precinct when Sipowicz and Simone investigate a policeman who witnessed—and may have been involved in—a double homicide. Kirkendall and Medavoy investigate the death of a model who appeared in a fetish video. Martinez comforts Gina when she is released from the hospital. 



A soldier who reputedly got two other squads annihilated via his own cowardice is transferred to Sgt. Saunders' squad. Then he turns up with an apparent S.I.W. (self-inflicted wound), and it doesn't help when his explanation of how it happened keeps changing. 

12 O'Clock High

The All-American

Ted Masters is an all-American athlete assigned to the 918th. He wants to fly, and is assigned to Captain King's aircraft operating the bomb run camera. During a mission most of the crew is wounded, including the pilot, and it's up to Masters to land the burning plane and save the crew.  

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

The Apple A Day Affair

Solo and Illya find that THRUSH agent Colonel Picks has developed exploding apples, which will be used to trigger a nuclear stockpile. Nina Lillette, a pretty hillbilly girl, latches onto them for excitement. Illya joins a picking crew at the farm, but he 
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