William Shatner acted alongside two of his daughters in Star Trek's ''Miri''

By: H&I Staff     Posted: February 6, 2023, 1:33PM   

For those who love Trek trivia, "Miri" packs in a lot of easter eggs. For starters, the first-season Star Trek episode filmed its outdoor scenes on the Desilu Forty Acres backlot, best recognized as downtown Mayberry. Seeing an apocalyptic view of Sherif Andy's hometown is a treat. 

"Miri" also happened to be a family affair. Kirk, Spock, Bones and Janice Rand beam down to a planet populated by children. Lots of young actors were needed to fill the costumes and scenes. Well, "young." Lead guest star Kim Darby was 19 at the time. Michael J. Pollard was pushing 30. But many of the other adolescents in the show were relations of the cast and creator.

Scott Whitney, son of Grace Lee Whitney (Rand), had a tiny role. Dawn and Darleen Roddenberry were also part of the "Onlies." It must have been bring your child to work day, because William Shatner acted alongside two of his daughters, Leslie and Lisabeth. (Fun fact: Another of the kids, the one in the Army helmet, was Phil Morris, son of Mission: Impossible star Greg Morris. Phil would years later play Lt. John Kelly on Star Trek: Voyager.)

The Everett CollectionShatner playing with daughters Leslie (left) and Lisabeth (right), and dog Morgan, in 1965.

Lisabeth is the easiest to spot — dad picks her up and carries her in his arms. She wears green pants and has the lighter hair.

The elder brunette Leslie sports bangs in her hair like her kid sister. She is costumed in green and purple sequins, making her easier to spot. Up top, she is standing in front of Dawn Roddenberry.

Contrary to some sources, Melanie Shatner does not appear in "Miri." She was only two at the time. If you're wondering, Leonard Nimoy opted to not include his children in the episode, wanting to shield them from showbiz.

This is not the only way Shatner's daughters made an impact on the Original Series. Two Starfleet characters were named in their honor.

Lemli (left) and Leslie (right) were named after Shatner's children.

First, most obviously, there was Lt. Leslie (Eddie Paskey). Another Redshirt, Roger Lemli (Roger Holloway) was named as a combination of LEslie, Melanie and LIsabeth!

See? Star Trek is truly a family show.

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