Superman and Batman come to H&I beginning in February

By: H&I Staff     Posted: January 11, 2019, 12:18PM   

Batman and Superman first teamed up nearly eighty years ago, on a 1940 cover of New York World's Fair Comics. They've been partners in crime-fighting ever since. Starting February 2, the two iconic superheroes and joining forces on the H&I Network. Two classic television shows, Adventures of Superman and Batman, brought these characters to life — and vivid color — in the 1950s and 1960s. You can catch two episodes of each series every Saturday and Sunday morning, beginning February 2.

George Reeves portrayed the Man of Steel, and his journalist alter-ego Clark Kent, for six seasons of Adventures. The first two seasons were filmed in black & white, but the syndicated series jumped into vibrant color in 1955, before most folks even had the technology to see it in such splendor. Of course, that's thankfully no longer a problem today. Lois Lane (Noel Neill from season two onward) and Jimmy Olsen (Jack Larsen) assist Supes in taking on mobsters and mad scientists. Adventures of Superman pioneered the superhero cinematic universe that now dominates our popular culture.

When Adam West's Batman swung into action in the mod 1960s, it was a riot of color and camp. With its titled camera angles and bold lighting, Batman revolutionized the way television looked. An incredible rogues gallery — including the Riddler (Frank Gorshin), the Penguin (Burgess Meredith) and Catwoman (Julie Newmar, Earth Kitt) — keep the cliffhangers coming. The show also introduced Batgirl (Yvonne Craig), who has since become a major part of Bat-mythology.

So get ready to start your weekends with adventure. Pour a big bowl of cereal and settle in.

Those are not the only changes coming to the H&I schedule. In addition, Hunter and Renegade are busting the bad guys overnight, six days a week. The new schedule kicks off on Monday, January 28

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