Snoop Dogg has a massive Star Trek mural on his wall

By: H&I Staff     Posted: October 31, 2019, 1:25PM    Tags: news, star trek

Image: Netflix / Rhythm + Flow

Spock is no stranger to hip-hop. MCA mentions "a pinch on the neck from Mr. Spock" in the Beastie Boys hit "Intergalactic." There is even a parody song and video for "Drop It Like It's Spock," a spoof of the chart-topping Snoop Dogg single "Drop It Like It's Hot." The Neptunes produced that jam and released it on their label — Star Track.

Turns out, mixing Snoop Dogg and Spock is not so alien. In fact, Snoop himself has a massive mural of Federation ships hanging on a wall.

In the new Netflix reality series Rhythm + Flow, a sort of The Voice for hip-hop, we get a glimpse inside Snoop Dogg's BLE compound in Los Angeles. It's his studio and entertainment headquarters. He gives Cardi B a tour around the joint.

"This is like a galactic hip-hop museum!" Cardi exclaims in awe.

Indeed, one hallway is covered in a massive mural showing Starfleet spaceships. Well, technically, it's a Star Trek vs. Star Wars painting

Gamut Media of Fullerton, California, created 17 custom murals for Snoop, using a massive printer. Yes, you can see the USS Enterprise — as well as the USS Reliant — alongside an X-Wing fighter. Take a closer look here.

Snoop is obviously a Trekkie.  In 2018, the rapper served as executive producer on Unbelievable!!!!!, a comedy film that cast more than 40 former Star Trek actors. The big question is — which universe is winning that space battle?