Here's what might have happened if there was a season 9 of House

By: H&I Staff     Posted: July 21, 2021, 2:25PM

Warning: May contain spoilers on the series finale of House.

House went out with a bang and a twist that had both fans and critics reeling. Riding off into the sunset with his best friend James Wilson,  the series finale put a satisfying bow onto the show's story.

Despite the shows acclaimed ending, a season 9 was still imagined by the writing team. Taking place after House's time with Wilson, we would find our cynical medical expert working in a small-town pharmacy.

“House no longer had his medical license but he’s practicing medicine in a pharmacy because the hospitals are all shut down and there’s no place for anyone to go for help here,” said House executive producer Katie Jacobs in an interview with GQ on a potential season 9.

Based on a story Jacobs read in The New Yorker of a pharmacist in Nucla, Colorado, House would become the primary medical expert for the town with limited resources. The season would have been shortened to 13 episodes as House comes to know and help the town.

"Essentially, he is the local pharmacist, doctor, psychiatrist, and secret-keeper of that town."

Having broken the law and ethical codes multiple times before to treat people makes this twist on House easy to see. Even if he's not legally allowed to treat patients anymore, House will risk everything to help others.

While we didn’t get this view into House’s new life, it is interesting to imagine.