Denise Crosby included an intentional blooper in what she thought was her last episode

By: H&I Staff     Posted: January 7, 2022, 11:12AM   

The original security chief of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Natasha Yar is known for being one of the first main cast members of a Trek series to be killed off. While her character did meet a fatal end, both Denise Crosby and Yar would guest star in later episodes of the series through various sci-fi means. Time travel, alternate dimensions... you gotta love Star Trek!

Speaking about her time on the series in the documentary Center Seat, Crosby reflected on what she thought was her final episode. Yar herself dies in the season one episode "Skin of Evil", but the previous episode "Symbiosis" was filmed after - making it Crosby’s original departure from the series.

Crosby wanted to make what she thought would be her final time on the Enterprise special with a goodbye wave to the fans. In one of the last shots of Symbiosis, both Picard and Crusher walk out of the transporter room. Just right before the doors shut you can see Crosby far off in the background waving goodbye.

This gesture was meant initially for the fans watching the episode being filmed. Crosby assumed another shot would be taken, but instead after the doors shut the cake came out and the cast and crew celebrated Crosby’s departure from the series. 

Crosby’s wave remains in the episode to this day. See if you can spot it in the video below:

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