8 fantastic Ferengi facts about Max Grodénchik

By: H&I Staff    Posted: November 14, 2016, 3:12PM

Image: Picture of Max Grodénchik taken by Luigi Rosa at Deepcon 10 in Fiuggi (Italy) in March 2009 / Wikimedia Commons

You probably best know Matt Grodénchik as Quark's loveable younger brother, Rom, on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. These days, the actor lives in Austria, occasionally gracing Trek conventions.

Grodénchik is one fantastic Ferengi, so here are ten fascinating facts about everyone's favorite little brother.

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Writers waxed poetic about his acting.

Grodenchik was born in Queens, New York, to a Jewish family. Growing up, he worked as an actor. His performances earned him notice. He was described as "an enchanting, mobile comic face on which aberrant emotions flicker, spread, retreat, retrench and explode with a single instant."


He played a Ferengi before 'Deep Space Nine.'

Recognize him from other Star Trek series? Before landing a permanent role on DS9, Grodénchik played Ferengi in Star Trek: The Next Generation! You can find him as Par Lenor in "The Perfect Mate" and Sovak in "Captain's Holiday." 


He wasn't sure what a Ferengi was.

When auditioning for these Ferengi roles on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Grodénchik asked his agent, "What's a Ferengi?" We think he figured it out…


He auditioned to play Quark.

It was between Grodénchik and Armin Shimerman for the role of Quark. They both adutioned for the role, and we all know it ultimately went to Shimerman. Depsite being in competition with each other, the two became fast friends. They're close as, well, brothers.


He was in nearly 40 episodes.

Grodenchik popped up as Rom in 36 episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

*Not pictured…Max Grodenchik. C'mon!


He appears without makeup in one episode, too.

In the series finale, "What You Leave Behind," several regulars make cameos in Vic's Lounge out of makeup, including Casey Biggs, Grodénchik and Jeffrey Combs.


He was actually a good baseball player, Sisko.

Max is a huge baseball fan. And he's pretty good! Before acting, he had considered pursuing a career as a professional baseball player. In fact, in the Deep Space Nine episode, "Take Me Out to the Holosuite," Max had to hide his baseball skills. Rom was supposed to be the worst player on the team! To better mask his abilities, Max (a righty) wore the glove like a lefty. He told StarTrek.com, "I was throwing with my left hand to make Rom look like less of a good ball player." 


He has a deep resume.

Grodénchik has had a succesful acting career outside of Star Trek. Other credits include Apollo 13, Bruce Almighty, ER, Six Feet Under, The Rocketeer, Barton Fink and more. 

Image: Working Title Films