5 famous stars who appeared on '12 O'Clock High'

By: H&I Staff    Posted: February 26, 2021, 12:31PM

Telling stories both in the air and on the ground, 12 O'Clock High follows the adventures of the 918th Bombardment Group of the U.S. Eighth Air Force as they make their way across Nazi-occupied Europe.

But what may be less known about the brave bombardment group is that they were joined by many notable up-and-coming stars of television and film of the 60's. Many of whom were just a year away from their big breakout roles of their careers!

Here are famous stars who flew with, or against, the 918th Bombardment Group.

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Lee Meriwether

Right before her breakout role as Catwoman in the Batman: The Movie (1966) Lee Meriwether guest starred in 2 separate roles in 12 O'Clock High. She made her first appearance as pharmacist Lt. Amy Patterson in "Mutiny at Ten Thousand Feet" and again the following second season where she had a recurring role as comms Captain Phyllis Vincent.


Burt Reynolds

Between shooting various westerns in the 60's, American pop culture icon Burt Reynolds flew with the men of the 918th Bombardment Group as Tech. Sgt. Vern Chapman. He guest starred 2 times as Chapman in the second season where he was caught selling guns that he had stolen from the base and later made a desperate escape attempt to neutral territory. 


John Voight

Famed Academy Award winner for best actor, John Voight, made one of his first ever TV appearances on the 12 O'Clock High episode "Graveyard." Here he starred as a Luftwaffe pilot, Capt. Karl Holtke. Having been shot down with the 918, he finds himself on an island with a base containing German POWs. After freeing the POWs they take over the base and attempt to call for backup.


William Shatner

Just one year before he made his first venture in to the final frontier, William Shatner guest starred as Major Kurt Brown in "I am the Enemy." In his only appearance in the series he leads the 918 on a dangerous bombing run that would lose them over 30 aircrafts. It's discovered that Brown never aborts a mission and risks the lives of many because of his burning hatred for Germans.


Jack Lord

Just a few years before he was Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-O, Jack Lord guest starred on 12 O'Clock High on 2 separate occasions. The first was in "Big Brother'' during the second season where he starred as Col. Joe Gallagher's older brother, Lt. Col. Preston Gallagher. He returned the following season in "Face of a Shadow" as the relaxed Col. Arnold Yates who risked losing his airbase to Nazi loyalists.