5 classic television stars who appeared on 'Combat!'

By: H&I Staff    Posted: February 12, 2016, 2:12PM Tags: Tags: Combat!

A 1960s tribute to the men who served during World War II, Combat! is known for presenting warfare with gritty realism and humanity, focusing on the perils of the average G.I., men struggling to keep a moral center in the midst of violence.

But what may be less known about Sgt. Saunder's King Company, a roving band of American infantryman, is that the squad was joined by many notable actors as they fought to survive on the front lines of war-torn France.

Here are 5 classic television stars who fought either with or against King Company.

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Ted Knight

Before he was a buffoonish anchorman on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Ted Knight was a steely-eyed German sergeant in the 1964 Combat! episode "Weep No More" (season 2, episode 27). In this episode, Hanley and the gang seek to rescue a young, mentally scarred French woman who falls into German hands and is interrogated by Knight's intimidating character. Knight also appears in three other episodes of the series.


Frank Gorshin

Before he confounded the dynamic duo as the green-clad, bandit-masked Riddler in television's Batman, Frank Gorshin was Pvt. Gavin in the 1965 Combat! episode "The Hell Machine" (season 3, episode 28). After the jeep he is driving hits a land mine, Gavin, Saunders and a tank captain attempt to maneuver an abandoned German tank through enemy territory. Gorshin appears in two episodes of the series.


Telly Savalas

Before he ever bit down on his trademark lollypop as Lt. Theo Kojack, Telly Savalas was a French Resistance fighter in the 1967 Combat! episode "Anniversary" (season 5, episode 18). Savalas plays Colonel Kapsalis, a shell-shocked French Resistance fighter who wages a one-man war against the Allies and the Germans. Savalas appears in two episodes of the series.


Leonard Nimoy

Before he was a Vulcan exploring strange new worlds aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise on Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy was Pvt. Baum in the 1965 Combat! episode "The Raider" (season 4, episode 16). When Hanley is captured by brutal SS Captain Reichhardt, Pvt. Baum is part of the team of American G.I.s who must free the lieutenant. Nimoy appears in two episodes of the series.


Dwayne Hickman

After he was the titular luckless teenager on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, Dwayne Hickman was the jittery Pvt. Corey in the 1966 Combat! episode "Run, Sheep, Run" (season 4, episode 30). Guilt-stricken after he causes the death of a fellow G.I., Pvt. Corey panics when he captures a German.