The new Star Trek RPG comes in a Borg cube box

By: H&I Staff     Posted: June 7, 2017, 3:43PM

Games come in boxes all the time. They're easy to package, ship and store. 

The new edition of Modiphus' Star Trek Advenures comes in more than just a box, it comes in a Borg cube. This giant cube is decorated to look just like a Borg craft and it contains basically everything you'll ever need to get started on the new RPG system. 

Sidenote: This cube doubles as a storage unit. It's decked out with empty spaces waiting to be filled by the games' rulebooks, dice and game pieces. There is a new rulebook though, so study up. Did we mention that there are three sets of dice included in this package? Each one represents the three different branches of Starfleet: Science, Operations and Command.

We're sorry to report that there is no price listed for this, yet. However, it is pretty much anything and everything manufacturer Modiphus is putting into the new game, contained in a perfect Borg cube box. So it might coast you a pretty penny. 

Pre-orders for Star Trek Adventures begin tomorrow, June 8. 

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