NASA shares photos of a galaxy cluster that looks like Star Trek's Enterprise

By: H&I Staff     Posted: November 20, 2018, 10:56AM Tags: Tags: News, Star Trek

Image: NASA

If Star Trek taught us one thing, it's to hope for something fantastic out there in the distant stars far beyond our solar system. Whether its lush planets, alien life or our own future, something spectacular awaits us out there.

And, hey, maybe there really is a Spock. If there is, perhaps he lives in the Abell 1033 galaxy cluster? 

NASA recently unveiled new photos of Abell 1033 that show the cluster to be two galaxy clusters in the process of colliding. And they just so happen to resemble the distinctive shape of the Starship Enterprise.

"This image of Abell 1033 also provides an example of pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon where familiar shapes and patterns are seen in otherwise random data," NASA explained. "In Abell 1033, the structures in the data create an uncanny resemblance to many of the depictions of the fictional Starship Enterprise from Star Trek."

To help outline the similarities, the agency pointed out the "saucer section" and "stardrive section" formed by the galaxy clusters.

The galaxy cluster sits approximately 1.6 billion light years from Earth.

The dazzling image, which reminds us a bit of "The Lights of Zetar," was made possible by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. 

Watch this YouTube clip for more info on Abell 1033 and the process of capturing it.

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