Canadian brewery makes 50th Anniversary Star Trek beer

By: H&I Staff     Posted: November 3, 2016, 3:00PM

Star Trek and beer: two things people are passionate about. Garrison Brewing in Halifax dovetailed these two passions and created a Star Trek Golden Anniversary Ale to celebrate the iconic series' 50th anniversary. 

This golden ale is "5.0" percent alcohol, making it "a really easy-drinking, tasty beer to celebrate such a milestone," says Brian Titus, president of Garrison Brewing. Another milestone is the partnership between Garrison Brewing, Star Trek and Paramount. "It's an extremely rare opportunity forwarded to them in partnership with Paramount, so we're really excited to be a part of that." says Jennifer Lambe, executive director of Hal-Con, a science fiction convention in Halifax.

Despite the popularity of Star Trek (and beer!) Garrison Brewing is the only brewery in Canada to have a license from CBS to produce Star Trek–themed ale. 

The beer itself is just one reason to check out this ale. The artwork on each bottle contains one of 12 different pieces of art depicting the USS Enterprise. Enjoy the beer, keep the bottle! 

The CBS network did not take this partnership lightly — everything regarding the brew had to be CBS approved, even the samples sent to distributors. Garrison Brewing does not have a monopoly on the Star Trek ale market however, as there are a few American breweries who are just as fanatic about their brews and sci-fi. 

A die hard fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Titus says he "has a soft spot for the Original Series, too." Looks like his soft spot for The Original Series is big enough to compell him to create this brew for fellow fans.

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