30 rejected titles for Star Trek: Voyager, from The Edge to The Millennium

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Few shows nail their title on the first try. Friends originally carried the clunky working title Insomnia Cafe. Happy Days was first kicked around as Cool

The Star Trek franchise is no different. Sure, the original series was seemingly not so difficult to come up with, but with all the subsequent sequel series, there was a lot to live up to. Perhaps that why producers kicked around so many names for Star Trek shows of the 1980s and 1990s.

In a document from the desk of Paramount Television president John S. Pike, dated July 28, 1993, we can see 30 suggested titles for what would become Star Trek: Voyager. (Yes, Paramount Television was once captained by a man named Pike, just like the Enterprise.)

Before we dive into the rejected names, there's one interesting thing to point out. The head of the page read, "Suggested Titles - Star Trek Chapter 3." Voyager, of course, would be the fourth Star Trek series, as Deep Space Nine premiered in 1992. However, this… er, "voyaging" show was seemingly seen as more in line with the original and The Next Generation.

Anyway, here are the names! Into "The Abyss"!

Star Trek: Voyage of the Intrepid
Star Trek: Voyage to the Edge
Star Trek: The Gamma Quadrant
Star Trek: The Gamma Chronicles
Star Trek: Quadrant Gamma
Star Trek: Voyage to the Unknown
Star Trek: Journey of the Intrepid
Star Trek: The Edge
Star Trek: The Edge/Quadrant G
Star Trek: Mission N2/Gamma 4
Star Trek: Beyond the Edge
Star Trek: Journey to the Edge
Star Trek: Mission to the Edge
Star Trek: Into the Unknown
Star Trek: The Next Frontier
Star Trek: The Millennium
Star Trek: Millennium 3
Star Trek: The Next Millennium
Star Trek: The Third Millennium
Star Trek: Beyond the Wormhole
Star Trek: Beyond the Abyss
Star Trek: Into the Abyss
Star Trek: Journey to the Abyss
Star Trek: Encounter with the Unknown
Star Trek: Voyage of Discovery
Star Trek: Mission Gamma
Star Trek: Into the Void
Star Trek: The Federation Chronicles
Star Trek: Expedition Gamma
Star Trek: The Gamma Quest

Which alternates do you fancy? Paramount was certainly feeling the keywords "Gamma" and "Abyss." It is interesting to note that one of them, Voyage of Discovery, was rather prescient, while The Federation Chronicles seems to hint at another kind of story entirely.

Pike himself marked Voyage of the Intrepid and The Gamma Quadrant, presumably as favorites. (He also inked a notch next to Journey of the Intrepid, but crossed it out.)

Take a look at the memo, courtesy of the Trek Docs Twitter account.

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