10 times Star Trek actors played the villain

By: H&I Staff    Posted: September 27, 2022, 3:05PM Tags: Tags: Star Trek

The crews of the Enterprise and Voyager are some of the most celebrated heroes in media, but sometimes it pays to be the villain. Here are 10 times when cast members of Star Trek went over to the dark side. 

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William Shatner — Two-Face (Batman vs. Two-Face)

Image: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

Even Captain Kirk himself couldn't resist the pull to the other side of morality. Starring in the animated continuation to the Batman 1966 show, William Shatner lent his voice to the iconic Batman rogue, Two-Face. Originally the brilliant lawyer Harvey Dent, Two-Face is born when the mad scientist Dr. Hugo Strange tries to remove the evil from some of Gotham's biggest villains with his Evil Extractor. The plan goes awry and the machine overloads, paving the way for one of Caped Crusader's most danerous foes yet. 


Leonard Nimoy — Galvatron (The Transformers: The Movie)

Image: DeLaurentis Media Group

Introduced in The Transformers: The Movie, Galvatron would go on to be one of the most terrfiiying villains in the Transformers franchise to this very day. Portrayed with stone-cold bravado by the late Leonard Nimoy, Galvatron is the resurrected form of the Decepticon leader Megatron, brought back to life by the dark Transformers god Unicron. Filled with hate for the Autobots and his own  treacherous second-in-command Starscream, Galvatron's only goal is the destruction of the Matrix of Leadership for his dark master.


Michael Dorn — Kalibak (The DC Animated Universe)

Image: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

The brutish son of DC's dark god Darkseid, Kalibak is a warrior always looking to prove himself to his father through combat. Voiced by Worf himself Michael Dorn, Kalibak is one of the few DC Animated villains who can go toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel, and the bitter rivalry between these two titans lasts through three different series spanning the majority of the DC Animated Universe. 


Nichelle Nichols — Vampire Queen Miriam (Spider-Man: The Animated Series)

Image: Saban International

Voiced by the late Nichelle Nichols, Miriam the Vampire Queen is a character shrouded in mystery. From what little backstory we get about her, we learn that she once fell in love with a man who turned out to be vampire. The two got married and had a son, who would later become the vampire/human hybrid vampire hunter and part-time superhero Blade. After Blade's birth, Miriam was forcefully turned by her husband and gradually lost her mind, sending Blade to an orphanage to spare him from her hunger. Years later, she resurfaced with a plan to turn the world into vampire, coming into conflict with Blade, Spider-Man, Black Cat and Michael Morbius. 


Marina Sirtis — Queen Bee (Young Justice)

Image: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

The queen of the fictional country of Bialya, Queen Bee is one of the primary villains of Young Justice, a show focusing on a team of sidekicks who perform missions that their mentors can't. Played by Deanna Troi herself, Marina Sirtis, Queen Bee has the ability to influence people's minds through pheromone control and is part of the shadowy supervillain cabal - The Light.


Brent Spiner — The Joker (Young Justice)

Image: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

The Clown Prince of Crime himself also makes an appearance in Young Justice. Portrayed by Brent Spiner, who played Data on The Next Generation, The Joker would show up a couple times to harass the Young Justice team, leading the Injustice League, terrorizing the world with genetically modified plants that sprayed out Joker Venom and being a patsy for The Light.


Jonathan Frakes — David Xanatos (Gargoyles)

Image: Buena Vista Television

Even in animated form, Jonathan Frakes has an awesome beard. A self-made man, David Xanatos would pick himself up from poverty through a series of shady investments and found Xanatos Enterprises. Also a member of the Illuminati, Xanatos would be the main villain for the Gargoyles series and have a bitter rivalry with Goliath, the leader of the Manhattan Clan.


George Takei — Ricardio the Heart Guy (Adventure Time)

Image: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

An anthropomorphic heart with a disturbingly detailed and animated face, Ricardio the Heart Guy has a smaller role as a minor villain in Adventure Time but that doesn't make him any less scary. Given very sinister undertones in his dialogue by George Takei, Ricardio is focused on carving out the heart of one of Adventure Time's main characters Princess Bubblegum and making it his bride. Initially portrayed as friendly, Ricardio's facade drops and he shows his evil side. 


Will Wheaton — Michael Morningstar/Darkstar (Ben 10 Series)

Image: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

While some might say that Will Wheaton had some time playing the villain already on The Next Generation as Wesley Crusher, he would get a real chance to go bad in animated form. One of Ben 10's most powerful enemies-turned-allies Michael Morningstar has the ability to absorb energy from anything around him, including from living creatures. Cursed with a constant hunger for energy, when he doesn't get what he needs, Michael's handsome features shrivel into a zombified husk.


Kate Mulgrew — Titania (Gargoyles)

Image: Buena Vista Television

The evil Queen of Fairies, Titania is an antagonist on Gargoyles, though she usually spent most of her time in the background. Voiced by Captain Janeway herself, Kate Mulgrew, Titania was originally a haughty and arrogant fairy who looked down on humans, eventually being exiled by her husband Oberon, King of Fairies. Over her years in exile, she would disquise herself as a human and  soften a bit, eventually marrying a human and having a son, Fox, who would also be a recurring antagonist for the Manhattan Clan.

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