The best #AllStarTrek tweets from February 12th

By: H&I Staff     Posted: February 13, 2017, 3:28PM

Another week of #AllStarTrek is in the books! It's about that time when some series are starting again from the top. The voyages recently restarted on Star Trek: Voyager and Enterprise, taking us back to the beginning. But we all find new things in each viewing!

You can watch all five live-action Star Trek series on H&I each weeknight and Sundays beginning at 8pET I 7pC.  Oh yeah, and Star Trek: The Animated Series arrives every Sunday night at 7pET I 6pC. 

Now, as always, here are some of your stellar tweets.

This gif is too cool/weird not to share.

We LOVE Uhura!



Don't die on an empty stomach and always eat your veggies.

Chakotay's hair seems to be quite the conversation piece!

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