Must-see episodes on H&I this weekend

By: H&I Staff     Posted: November 21, 2016, 3:14PM

Thanksgiving week is here and we have set up a cornucopia of iconic television for you to enjoy alongside your holiday dinner. On Turkey Day, we're highlighting holiday episodes of Cheyenne, Have Gun, Will TravelThe High Chaparral, Wagon Train, Daniel Boone, The Commish, Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue and 21 Jump Street. Forget the football—we've got you covered.

Then, on Friday, after your morning mall dash, get into the festive spirit with some of your favorite heroes and icons. 


Cheyenne "The Long Winter" 

6AM I 5C

After signing on as a cowhand, Cheyenne tries to prevent one of his co-workers from harassing a woman who resides nearby.

Have Gun, Will Travel "Be Not Forgetful of Strangers"

8:30AM I 7:30C

Duane Eddy as a cowboy who arrives in town during Christmas with his pregnant wife—and no lodgings.

The High Chaparral "For What We Are About to Receive

9AM I 8C

A squatter comes between Victoria and her Thanksgiving turkey.

Wagon Train "The St. Nicholas Story"

10:00AM I 9:00C

On Christmas Eve, the ol' wagon train stops to make camp and a young boy wanders off to find St. Nicholas.

Daniel Boone "The Thanksgiving Story"

11AM I 10C

Boone’s eccentric father-in-law leads the warring Choctaws into a peaceful trap.

The Commish "No Greater Gift" 

2PM I 1C

During the holiday season, Tony investigates the murder of an elderly woman allegedly killed in her home during a Christmas burglary, matches wits with a mugger, and defends a homeless woman who’s been sleeping in the manger of a Holy Family creche.

Hill Street Blues "The Virgin and the Turkey"

4PM I 3C

Captain Furillo returns home for the first time in five years and tries to bind old wounds with his conservative parents, who can’t seem to forgive their son or accept their “new” daughter-in-law.

NYPD Blue "From Hare to Eternity"

5PM I 4C

Fancy’s job is jeopardized when he's accused of mismanaging the department, Kelly and Sipowicz investigate the kidnapping of a young girl, and the staff tries to replace a stolen rabbit in hopes of cheering a group of children for Christmas.

21 Jump Street "Christmas in Saigon"

2AM I 1C

During the Christmas season, Loki faces being dismissed from the force when internal affairs discover that he is a Vietnamese refugee who is using an alias. Flashback sequences show his escape from Saigon.


Cheyenne "The Angry Sky"

6AM I 5C

As Christmas approaches, a woman rushes to Cheyenne's aid when he gets wounded while tracking down a killer.

Daniel Boone "The Christmas Story"

11AM I 10C

The birth of an Indian child poses a threat to the peace of Boonesborough as Daniel Boone’s kindness in giving shelter to the new mother is misrepresented.

The Commish "The Frame"

2PM I 1C

A notorious New York racketeer relocates to Eastbridge during the holiday season. Tony, who is all for peace on earth, now has to be more immediately concerned with peace on his own turf, especially after the incidence of crime.

Hill Street Blues "Santaclaustrophibia"

4PM I 3C

It’s Christmas Eve on the Hill, but holiday cheer is in short supply. As everyone makes last minute plans for December 25, Capt. Furillo must concentrate on finding four marauding youths who have already claimed several victims.


Stagecoach West "Three Wise Men"

5AM I 4C

An escape prisoner is determined to spend Christmas with his family before turning himself in. However, matters are complicated when three bounty hunters chase him for the reward.

The Commish "A Little Heart"

1AM I 12C

A heart destined for a young girl's transplant is stolen; Cyd tracks a larcenous Santa.