Can you name all 51 characters on this awesome '70s sci-fi TV poster?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: April 28, 2017, 9:20AM

Top image: Dusty Abell /

Dusty Abell is a man after our heart. He once packed 123 Star Trek: The Original Series references into a single image. We spent hours soaking up all the details and spotting every creature from the Mugato to the Gorn.

After that feat, Abell returned with a new poster that jumped forward a decade to celebrate the great science fiction television of the 1970s. And boy was there a lot of it. The thing is chockablock with superheroes and space cowboys, from the mega popular to the obscure and overlooked.

There are even some deep references to shows that lasted mere weeks in the rough and wild season of 1977–78. If you can recognize characters from Quark, you watched a lot of TV during in the Carter era. 

Take a look at the full image by Dusty Abell and Lovern Kindzierski. Try to identify all 51 characters and spaceships. The 27" by 40" poster is being sold for $40 at

Need help? Here is the answer key.

Thanks to Dusty Abell for bringing this to our attention!